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This retailer focuses on selling shoes and footwear with a primary target of young males who are looking for styles and fashions inspired by urban venues and street wear. There are more than 300 stores located all across the United States and in one U.S. territory. The company also sells athletically inspired apparel and accessory items. Individuals within the target audience will find all of their clothing and footwear needs in these stores, which focus on trends, styles, and fashions based on current culture preferences. People will also find great values for the quality of product and friendly faces providing the very best in service and sales.

Store Hours:

Different locations may operate under different schedules, especially because many of the stores are mall-based and the operating hours will be dependent on the terms of the mall. You can call a unit in which you are interested to get upcoming schedule information by going to the link mentioned below and searching for stores in your area.

How To Submit An Application?

If so, you can easily and conveniently submit an application from the comfort of your own home just by going to main site! Follow this guide to get started on a potential new career path.

  • From the website you can click on career opportunities at the bottom of the page or go to link mentioned below.
  • If you mouse over the “Join Our Team” option you will see that you need to choose between a path in the home office or one within the store. Note that you must reside in or around New York City in order to be considered for a headquarters position.
  • If you click on home office you will be taken to a map that shows the corporate address in New York. Select the link to start your application.
  • Jobs that are currently available will come up on the next screen. This could include employment, for example, within HR or in merchandising. Read over any of the options that pop up to view detailed summaries and requirements.
  • By clicking to apply you will be directed to start an account. By creating a username and password and submitting your email you will be able to work on and save the information you would like to submit. To finalize your work you will send it in to the company for consideration.
  • You will go through a similar process with store retail positions, except that you will have to first search for your desired location before being able to browse openings.

Age Qualifications:

All positions come with certain requirements and responsibilities, some of which will mandate that you be of a certain age. At the youngest you generally need to be 16 to work in a store, but check with a manager first to be sure.

Benefits And Compensation:

Rewards, perks, and compensation will vary based on your position and level within the company, and whether or not you work in a store or at the corporate office. Of course everyone will be compensated competitively for their time and efforts. You will find out when you are hired if you will be paid according to a salary or hourly wages. You can also benefit from employee discounts on all company merchandise, ensuring that you are dressed to impress at all times! Retail employees will also benefit from flexible scheduling options. Most importantly you can rest assured that no matter where you start, company encourages internal advancement and growth, and you will always have chances to prove yourself and your merit and earn yourself increased compensation.

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