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General Electric, commonly shortened to “GE,” is a multinational conglomerate based in the United States and headquartered in Connecticut. It was founded in New York in the late 20th century and includes the famed Thomas Edison as one of its founders. It serves customers worldwide in energy, finance, industrial, technology, and consumer arenas. It is one of the largest grossing and most profitable corporations in America offering products that include appliances, consumer electronics, weapons, wind turbines, lighting, gas, water, electrical motors, software, and oil.

Submitting A Job Application:

Have you ever thought about working for a company such as this one? The corporation is always looking for dedicated, bright individuals to join the team and help contribute to its overall success. With departments in so many different categories, opportunities with GE could include just about anything you could imagine.

  • Go to main site mentioned below to get started. Mouse your cursor over the tab that says “Careers.” You will see that you have a number of options, from reading an overview to seeing opportunities to learning about the job culture. You can also read a career guide or find what is available for college students. Click on the one that says “opportunities.”
  • You have a number of options when conducting your search for available positions. You can enter in a keyword or words, choose a country, state or province, and choose a business and/or function. When you are ready, hit the search button.
  • Your results will be displayed below. Each option will be listed with the job title, location, and date posted on the screen. Peruse your results and click on any titles that seem interesting to you.
  • Thoroughly read all the information, including job summary, requirements, responsibilities, additional qualifications, and desired characteristics. If you think the job is a good fit, click on the button to submit an application.
  • You will be prompted to enter your username and password on the next page in order to log you in. If you have never visited the career site for this company before and need to register, click on the link underneath the heading that says “First time here?”
  • Agree to the privacy policy and then enter in the information asked of you in the spaces provided. Once you are finished, click CONTINUE. From here you will be guided through the rest of the process to fill out your application and submit it for review.

In a big company such as this one, it can sometimes take a while for the appropriate departments to review all the applications. If you don’t hear from someone right away, don’t worry. Be patient and know that if you are a qualified candidate, someone will get in touch with you for an interview.

Age Requirements:

You must be eighteen years of age or older in order to work for this company. Most positions have additional requirements as well – particularly those regarding experience or education – that may mean you need to be even older to apply.

Operating Hours:

When you work will depend entirely on your position. If you are in a retail environment where products are sold, your schedule most likely will vary throughout the week. If you are in a corporate environment, on the other hand, you can expect regular hours Monday through Friday.

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