The first Giant opened in 1936 in the District of Columbia and was dedicated to providing customers with a strong sense of value and quality. Those principles still stand in line today even as the company has grown and found success. Since the company came about during the depression, the idea was to move away from the previous brand of grocery store, which was small and relied on high markups. By inventing huge chains of supermarkets there was a new way to shop and make a profit. This company sells large amounts at a low profit margin to bring the very best price to shoppers. Today the company has found great success and has grown to be a household name in many places, supplying shoppers with the meat, deli, bakery, seafood, and produce items they know and love.

Store Hours:

Some locations are open 24 hours, but not all. For those that have open and close times, a typical schedule is 6 AM to Midnight six days of the week and 6 AM to 11 PM on Sundays. Check with your local store by using the online finder at to double check link mentioned below.

Working Here:

Whether this is your first venture into the grocery business or you are a seasoned pro, this company has a place for you. Both corporate and entry level positions are available to those coming to the job with a strong work ethic and an enthusiasm for the business. Browse the pages on main site to get an idea for the company and its products.

If you are interested in applying for a job, follow these step-by-step instructions to get started.

  • Go to the link mentioned below
  • Click “Learn More.” You have the option to pursue a full-time career, part-time employment, or a job with the warehouse and transportation teams. Continue with the category that best represents your career goals.
  • For part time jobs or positions in the warehouse/with transportation, click to apply and then follow the on screen instructions to submit all of your personal information.
  • For full-time positions, click to view available postings. You have the option to search or submit your resume. If you submit a resume, you won’t be applying for a specific position but simply submitting your credentials for review.
  • When you search your can narrow the results based on keyword, department, job type, and locations to get postings specific to your interests.
  • The available opportunities will appear and you can read descriptions of each. If the job seems appealing, click to submit an application and follow the instructions as they appear on your screen.
  • You can also paste your resume into the text box and search with that content so that employment opportunities that match your skillsets will appear.
  • However you choose to proceed, ultimately your information will be sent to the management teams for review. Someone will contact you and let you know if and how they would like to continue the hiring process.

Age Requirement:

How old you need to be depends on the job duties and responsibilities. Of course at the very least you must be of legal age to work in your state and be able to provide proof of your ability to work. Some positions hire as young as 14 or 15, while others might necessitate that you be as old as 21.

Job Benefits:

You will receive a number of benefits targeted to your health, wealth, and lifestyle. At the very least you will be provided with competitive compensation rates on a regular basis. Your job type will determine any additional perks, which may include:

  • Comprehensive medical plans
  • Disability and life insurance
  • Education and training programs
  • Opportunity for recognition
  • Savings plans
  • Employee assistance programs

Most importantly you will be provided with the training and education you need to succeed within the company and move up within the ranks. Through your promotions you will be offered not only increased benefits and wages but increased job satisfaction knowing that you are contributing to, leading, and managing a team.

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