GNC keeps its home offices in Pennsylvania and from there is the largest retailer of its kind in the world, being the biggest company devoted to selling people products that contribute to their health and improve their lives. Shoppers can visit a store and purchase vitamins, supplements, herbs, minerals, and various enhancement products. The company’s ideals are centered on wellness and providing people with the tools and resources they need to improve themselves. The company has almost 5,000 locations within the United States alone, including some that are franchised and others that are within other pharmacy stores. There are also markets in 48 other countries, and of course people can purchase products remotely through the online e-commerce site.

Find GNC Job Interview Questions

Store Hours:

  • Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM
  • Sunday 11 AM to 5 PM.

Please note that these hours are typical but not universal. Visit the online store locator for the most specific information. There may also be restrictions or exceptions on holidays.

Applying For Work:

If you think you might like to join the team, visit site online to learn more. The company is always looking for eager, enthusiastic people to contribute to the already vibrant and talented team at the company. There is an employment section on the website which you can also visit by going to the link mentioned below.

To Continue:

  • You can search retail careers or other opportunities, the latter of which includes jobs in the corporate office, in manufacturing, and in distribution.
  • There are a number of positions available within the retail segment, including:
    • Sales director
    • Store manager
    • Regional manager
    • Auditor
    • Store associate
  • Search for job listings by inputting keywords, your location, and the desired job category.
  • The results that come up will be listed with the job title, location, and other information specific to that position. Click on the title to view more information.
  • If you like the job and meet the requirements, click to submit an application. You will be guided through the appropriate steps and at the end you can print your work. Take the completed application into this company to give to a manager.
  • You can go through the same process for every job type, simply search and follow the prompts to submit your application through the website.

When you are finished, simply sit back and wait! Someone will call you if they would like to continue the process with you as a candidate.

Age Requirements:

You generally need to be 18 years of age or older to work with this company.

Job Compensation And Other Perks:

The benefits you will receive from working with the company are numerous and far-reaching. At the very least you will be rewarded with regular compensation, either from hourly wages or based on your salary. You can also receive discounts on store products and merchandise, and some positions may offer additional perks such as medical coverage or savings plans. Most importantly, you will be rewarded with lots of room to grow and advance. With the right education and training you can receive multiple promotions, and with higher rank comes greater benefit, increased responsibility, and higher job satisfaction!

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