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Good Will is a non-profit organization that centers its message on helping the community and supporting individuals. They aim to help people who have faced challenges or who have a lack of experience or education to train for and acquire satisfying and rewarding jobs. The organization is also involved in other products, such as their clothing stores. People can donate gently used apparel and accessory items to the stores, which will then resell them for low, affordable prices that further, aid those in the community who are facing challenges. There are over 150 locations within the United States that are constantly striving to contribute to the greater good of the local area and give something back.

Career Opportunities:

Working for a non-profit can be a stimulating and rewarding career. The company is seeking people with big hearts and an enthusiasm for the work to take on employment opportunities and contribute to the greater good. You can visit the official website and click the careers link mentioned at the end of the page.

Store Hours:

When you work will depend on your job, and when stores are open will depend on the location. Conduct a search online to find the location nearest you if you need to visit a clothing store. Otherwise, seek out the details of the position for which you are applying to find the specifics.

How To Apply Online?

  • To find a job, first type in:
    • Keywords or search terms
    • Your location
  • Keywords and/or search terms can be anything that would help you to narrow down your search, such as “manager,” sales,” or “customer service.” The positions that are available will pop up on the screen.
  •  Click on any one of the jobs to read details, qualifications, and requirements. If you meet the specifications and are interested in the position, note the methods by which you can apply.
    • Email your resume to the company
    • Fax your resume to the number listed
  • Once you have done so, your part of the process will be done! Now you just need to wait to hear from someone.

Applying In Person:

You can always visit a local store too to find out more information and to apply for certain positions. Regardless of the method you use to apply, someone will be in touch with you to get more information if there is a good fit.


You can receive a number of benefits for working with an organization. What exactly you receive will depend on your position within the company and if you are working full or part time. All staff will receive regular payment, which may be issued based on hours worked or by a predetermined salary. Of course the biggest benefits are the joy you will receive from contributing and giving back to your community as well as the chances to succeed you will be offered. If you work hard and dedicate yourself to the company there is no telling where you can go!

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