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Google is a multinational company based out of the United States and is headquartered in California. It was founded in Menlo Park, California in 1998 and specializes in providing internet services and other related products, such as software and telecommunication services. The company also owns and operates a number of subsidiaries, such as the video upload site and the cell phone company Motorola Mobility. The company is most well-known for its founding service – a search engine that ranks websites in a more sophisticated and useful manner for internet users. The name of the company is a misspelling of the word googol, a very large number, and used to signify the idea that the search page would provide people with very large amounts of information.

Submitting A Job Application:

Working for Google could be a great experience for you. If you enjoy working with computers, know a lot about the internet and what’s behind it, or want to work for a multinational corporation, go to the website to learn more.

  • You may have been to the company website (see below) a number of times before to use the search engine. Type into your internet browser. Then, click on the link that says “About Google” in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
  • On this company page you can learn about the company, see the latest news, check out investor relations, or search for jobs. Click on “Learn More” under the job heading.
  • On this page you can learn about different company teams and their roles, read about life at the company, or find locations where the business has offices. You can also search for jobs. Type any pertinent keywords into the search bar and click the magnifying glass icon to start your search.
  • On the next page you can see the results of your search. You can further filter your search by selecting specific locations or a specific team/role. Look over the results, which will be listed with the title and location. Click on any that are appealing to you.
  • Read over the job summary, requirements, minimum and preferred qualifications, and double check that the location is within travelling distance for you. If you want to continue, hit the “Apply Now” button.
  • On the next page you will be prompted to enter contact information, education and employment details, to upload your resume, and, if you wish, a cover letter. You can also choose to identify yourself by gender and race if you wish. When you are done, hit the grey SUBMIT button.

If you are a qualified candidate, someone will get in touch with you regarding an interview. Be prepared to interview more than once or participate in other testing before you are offered a position. Because the company is quite large and will most likely be fielding a high volume of applications, you may not hear right away. Be patient!

Age Requirements:

You must be eighteen or older to work at this company. Each position has additional requirements, such as minimum education or experience level, which may mandate applicants to be even older.


Your schedule will depend on where your job is located and what your position is. You may work a 9-5 schedule or a later or earlier shift depending on the needs of the company.

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