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Hardees is a restaurant dedicated to serving its customers the finest and most delicious food around. At this restaurant you can get an assortment of American food, from burgers and fries to hot sandwiches and sides. Restaurants are all over the country and anyone can stop by quickly to grab a bite of their favorite food. Team and crew members are an integral part of the experience and work very hard to make the company what it is. Customer service is a key focus and the people are part of the reason loyal customers keep coming back.


M-Th  5 AM t- 10 PM. Fri and Sat 5 AM – 11 PM. Sun 6 AM – 10 PM.

Age Restriction:

You must be 16 to work.

Applying For A Job:

If you’d like to play a role in this experience and become a team member, you can submit an application online. Whether you are new to the restaurant business or a seasoned veteran, the company can find a place for you. As long as you are enthusiastic and hardworking you will fit in just fine!

  • To start, go to official site. You can learn more about the company by viewing these pages. You can also skip right to link mentioned below to find opportunities in your area.
  • There are a couple different categories of jobs. You could apply for:
    • A restaurant job
      • Crew member
    • A corporate position
      • Opportunities are located in Missouri, North Carolina, and California
    • A career in management
      • Shift leader
      • General manager
      • District/Regional manager
  • Narrow down your results by inputting your desired proximity for a job and the zip code where you reside. This will be helpful in filtering the results based on where is accessible to you with your mode of transportation.
  • Go through all the information about the different positions before applying. You may not understand what something like “Back of House Crew” means before reading the description. You may also need to meet certain requirements and qualifications for some jobs, especially those in the management or corporate fields.
  • Applying can easily be done online. Once you have selected the job for you just enter the information the site asks of you, such as for some personal info and your employment history.
  •  Now all you will have to do is wait and see if someone calls you!

Benefits Of Working:

This is an excellent place to work and you will enjoy being a part of the atmosphere there. The staff creates a welcoming environment and you will learn your way around in no time. Depending upon your job you may spend your time taking orders, preparing the food, managing inventory, staffing employees, or dealing with the company on a corporate level. There are a myriad of chances for you to start your career through a wide variety of avenues. All you have to do to get started is submit your application, and when someone calls you, follow through with the next phases of this big career move! Don’t forget that you may have an opportunity to move up once you get started. If you begin as a crew member, one day you could ascend all the way to district manager level. Keep at it and anything can happen.

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