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Hollister is a clothing and accessories retailer that targets teenagers generally aged fourteen to eighteen. It is considered a similar version of the store Abercrombie, which is owned by the same company but sells to older teenagers and people in their early 20s. The clothes are also slightly less expensive than the merchandise at Abercrombie. The style of clothes have a “Southern California” feel, meaning that they have a casual, laid back feel, and some make reference to surfing or the beach. The first store was opened in the year 2000 in Ohio. There are just short of 580 locations around the globe, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Applying For Work:

If you are interested in fashion, are particularly attracted to the California lifestyle and associated clothing choices, enjoy retail and customer service, or are simply looking for a new career option, you can work at this company.

  • To start, go online and visit this site. At the bottom of the page you will see a “Careers” link under the “About Us” heading.
  • You can choose to pursue a career in a retail store, as a model, or at the corporate office. If you choose to seek out a store opportunity, you can choose between working as an associate or be a manager in training. For each of these positions you can read over the requirements, responsibilities, and expected work schedule.
  • If you are interested and think you qualify for one of these jobs, click on the button that says APPLY NOW. To be a model or associate, you will be taken to a store locator map where you can find information about stores near you. You will need to visit or call the manager to find out more about how to apply.
  • To be a manager in training, click the APPLY NOW button and then choose the appropriate region for you. This will open your email with an address to which you can send a copy of your resume.
  • On the other hand, you may be interested in home office opportunities. Jobs are available for college students, recent graduates, or for more experienced candidates. Experienced candidates can search by job number, keyword, job field, and location to discover what is available that matches their credentials. Read over the description and if it is a good fit, select “Apply” and follow the online instructions.
  • College students and graduates can select from a number of options, including internships and full time positions. Make a selection from the appropriate category, read over the necessary qualifications, and follow the instructions to submit an application for review.

Age Requirements:

For most jobs you must be 18 or older to apply. Different positions have a variety of requirements, however, so feel free to speak with a manager for clarification or if you have questions. If you plan on applying as a minor, make sure you can provide proof of your legal ability to work in the United States.

Store Hours:

Most locations are within malls, so store hours will vary depending on the restrictions of the shopping mall. Hours are generally from 10:00 am to 9:30 pm Monday through Saturday and 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on Sunday. You can use the online store finder on the website to find locations near you and find the exact operating hours of that location.

Get Response:

It may take a while before you hear from a representative. Once someone has taken the time to review your resume or application than they will be in touch if your interests and skills match the needs of the position.

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