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Home Depot is the largest retailer in the world that specializes in home improvement merchandise. They have stores in 50 states, some US provinces, Canada, and Mexico. When the company was started in 1978 in essentially created the “do-it-yourself” concept, as prior to that most people would hire professionals for handy work around the house. This company’s success has allowed home owners to complete construction, decorating, and landscaping projects all by themselves. Customers can walk and receive not only the resources, but the assistance they need for any job they want to undertake in their home.

If you think you could be a valuable asset to its team, you may want to apply for a job there and get your career started!

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Submitting An Application Online:

  • Go to official site and click on the Careers tab. It is at the bottom of the page next to the Corporate Info and Government Customers Links.
  • You can choose to work in a couple different career fields:
  • They also provide internship programs to students and tools that those in the military can use to find the right job for them. You can view the most recent job postings or connect with them on one of their social media networking sites.
  • You will have to decide what kind of job you want. Hourly, or salaried? Full time or part time? What kind of schedule would you like? This home improvement company offers something for everyone.
  • You can select a career area and then also a job type to narrow your search.
    • In-store hourly
    • Distribution Center hourly
    • Corporate/Other
    • Call Center
  • Also select your location and type of job first and hit on “Go” on the top of the page. This will help display jobs that are closest to the area in which you reside. You can see the closest stores to you and then choose which ones you would like to search at.
  • The next page will show you all available careers at the stores you indicated. Click to view specifics and then select to apply to the jobs you are interested in. Follow the instructions and fill out all the information that is asked of you to complete the process.
  • To apply you are necessary to log into your account or create a new account to submit your application.

Store Hours:

Stores are generally open Monday through Saturday 6:00 am – 10:00 pm, and 7:00 am – 8:00 pm on Sundays. If you work in a store your hours will be within this range.

Minimum Age To Work:

Ask your local manager if you are unsure if you are old enough to work. Generally, you need to be 16 years of age or older.


The company offers exciting compensation and benefits packages that vary depending upon the job for which you are hired.

Working With Them:

Get ready to start an exciting career at this place! Applying is easy, and once someone contacts you your journey to a rewarding job will begin. You just have to follow these instructions to apply. Since so much is done online now, you won’t have to go into a store or talk to anyone on the phone. A representative from the company will call you when they have received and processed your application. Make sure you read the job descriptions before applying so you can ensure that you are submitting an application for the right job for you. There is a lot of flexibility so do some searching first to find out about all that it has to offer! Whether you are an expert carpenter or just like working with people, you are bound to find something that fits your skills, talents, and interests at this company. It values their employees and will make sure that the job and the person are the right fit for each other.

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