IHOP originated back in the 1950s and was started by four friends. It was first called by its full name, “International House of Pancakes” before a marketing company later suggested shortening it. The company quickly grew through franchising and later acquired a number of other companies as well. It has unveiled a number of novel menu items and meal concepts, mostly focusing on breakfast foods like omelets and of course pancakes, although guests can order sandwiches and salads as well. The numbers grew into the thousands and has been very successful, with each of the over 3,000 restaurants earning an average of a million dollars each. Diners can look forward not just to the food, but to the welcoming service and friendly prices.

Store Hours Of Operation:

Some restaurants are conveniently open 24 hours a day. Others are open 24 hours certain days of the week and not on others. Locations that have open and close times might have a schedule such as 6:30 AM to 11:00 PM.

Working With The Restaurant:

Do you have experience working in a restaurant? Do you have a passion for customer service? Are you interested in searching for new employment that could offer you a long term career opportunity? Whatever your reason, you can find a place to fit in at this company. The official website can give you a ton of great information. Click on the CAREERS tab at the bottom of the screen or go to following link to find job-specific news.

Submitting An Application Online:

There are a couple ways to find potential employment opportunities.

  • Browse jobs: you can see the list of all the job openings. See the title and location of this job, and also make sure that it specifies this restaurant specifically. The site will also include positions available at affiliated companies.
  • Search jobs: type in criteria such as keyword, proximity, and location to find positions you would be interested in.
  • Edit you profile and submit your resume: type in, or copy and paste, your resume into the space provided and also enter some personal information. This way your specifications can be matched with the job that is best for you.
  • Select job and apply online for this you have to submit application online through your online account.
  • You can also create an account so that you can view resumes that have already been submitted. If your application and/or resume catch someone’s eye, you will receive a call to continue to the next phase of the hiring process, which may include one or more interviews.

Age Limitations/Minimum:

Age requirements will vary depending on the position, but you generally should be 16 or older. Ask a manager if you are unsure or have questions.


You will receive a number of benefits, perks, and bonuses for working with the company, depending on your position. At the very least you will be paid regularly, which may include hourly wages, a salary, and/or tips. Some positions also provide additional benefits such as insurance options, paid vacation, bonus opportunities, and more. Any worker can enjoy discounts on products and meals. Most importantly you will be encouraged to show your dedication and loyalty so that you can be rewarded with promotions, pay raises, and the satisfaction of advancing within a successful corporation!

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