This company was founded by James Cash Penney over 100 years ago. The goal since the beginning has been to offer customers a fair and equal value. How would you want to be treated? Then treat people that way. Ever since its incipience the business has stood by the same goals and values and has become a leading retailer in the United States. People can come to a store for clothing, apparel, accessories, and more. They will get a wide variety of options and be offered the best price possible for their purchases. They will also be met with a welcoming and becoming store environment that encourages people to enjoy their buying experience. Employees at the company are friendly, well-trained, and courteous, ensuring that consumers have the best possible involvement with the shops every time.

Store Hours:

  • Monday to Thursday 10:00am to 9:30pm.
  • Friday to Saturday 10:00am to 10:00pm.
  • Sunday 11:00 to 7:00pm.

These are typical store hours but are not necessarily indicative of the operation of every store. Times may also vary during holidays. If you work in a store your shift will be dependent upon the operating hours of your location.

Minimum Age:

If you are interested in working at JC Penney you will have to meet certain requirements, including age restrictions. Check with a manager, but employees are generally over the age of 18.

Submit Application:

  • If you are interested in working at this retail chain, go online to get more information. You can see the details at refer link and check out career specifics at following link. If you are interested in a retail career, would like to know more about sales and/or fashion, or are looking to change the direction of your employment, you might do well to investigate the opportunities at this company.
  • When you go to search you have a few options. You can filter results by your location, by keyword, or select featured job types. There are also opportunities for college students who are looking to get ahead. Some examples of jobs are:
    • Working in the salon
    • Specializing in IT
    • A position in marketing
    • Focusing on the supply chain
    • Becoming a leader in store management
  • There are vastly more options than this, so don’t limit yourself. Be sure to seek out multiple opportunities and choose something that closely matches your talents, experience, and desired areas of focus.
  • Select job that you were looking for and click on “Apply Now” blue marked button. Just on click you will see the several option to apply for this job , choose the desire method and go for the further steps.
  • After that sign up for email updates for the regular jobs offer and get register for online account to apply for this job and submit job application.
  •  Once you submit an application online – a convenient and easy process – you can simply wait for someone to call you when your information is matched with a job opportunity.

Benefits Once You Are Employed:

As an employee at JC Penney means, being immersed in an environment rich with learning opportunities and areas for growth. As a member of the team you will begin to understand more about retail and customer service, be trained to move up in the ranks, and meet a host of new people, some of whom could become lifelong friends. Of course you will receive monetary benefits as well, such as competitive compensation, store and employee discounts, and bonus packages commensurate with your job and rank within the company. And first and foremost you will be given the chance to join a successful business as it continues to expand and be a part of a greater whole!

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