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Jet Blue was started in 1999 when the founder, David Neeleman, decided to open a new airline. He purchased 75 aircraft and made plans to lease some additional planes. The next several years involved expansion and the continual addition of new lines, destinations, and services. The company then began receiving honors and awards such as “Best Airline” for consecutive years. The airline also went international and added services to places like Mexico, Israel, and several islands. The company has become very large and successful, serving thousands of flights per day and offering customers amenities such as the ability to use credit cards in flight. The planes are also the official carriers of Boston’s baseball team as well.


If you want to work for Jet Blue you will have to go online to seek more information. The website offers general information about the company, its background, its services, and how to apply for work. You can specifically see employment details at refer link blow.

Searching For Jobs:

  • There are several different positions available to those seeking employment with this airline. You can search by keyword to filter your results for positions. Jobs you might be interested in include:
  • You can click on option to check all list of the jobs that are available
    • Flight attendant
    • Pilot
    • Crew member
    • Maintenance
    • Customer service
    • Sales
  • Give reference code and Select jobs and click on “Apply” you can select more than one job from the list.
  • You will have to login or register for the further process to apply , upload resume and then submit it to the company.
  • Regardless of your interests, there is something for you! Take some time to browse through all the options. You are bound to find something that is a match. As long as you like traveling and customer service you can fit in with Jet Blue.


Planes fly day and night, 365 days a year, so your schedule most likely won’t be a 9-5 office job! When you work will depend on flights, whether you are working a night, afternoon, or morning shift, and your availability. You also won’t always be working in the same place for some of the positions. For example if you are a flight attendant or pilot you will be traveling for work. Your office is in the sky!

Age Requirement:

You must be 18 to work for this company.

Benefits For Working Here:

There is of course the obvious – free travel! You will have more opportunities to see the world and visit all your favorite destinations around the world when you are employed by this airline. Not only that but it is a great company to work for that offers numerous perks.

  • Fashionable uniforms
  • State of the art facilities
  • Medical plans that includes coverage for prescriptions
  • Other forms of insurance
  • Disease prevention plans
  • 401K plans
  • Stock options and profit sharing

Working for Jet Blue is the chance of a lifetime. You will get to break into the airline industry and learn all about this unique form of customer service, as well meet tons of interesting people from all over the world! Plus you will get discounts on personal travel and there is always room for growth in the company! Submitting your application is the first step in opening the door to your future!

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