Justice is a retail store for young girls that allow kids to shop for a wide variety of clothing, apparel, and accessory items. You can bring your daughter to a location and she will be happy and occupied for hours looking at all the clothing, shoes, accessories, uniforms, swimwear, pajamas, underwear, and more that she has to choose from. If you have a son you can also take them to the sibling store, known as Brothers. Twines and teens will love getting the latest fashions and comparing outfits with their friends. And you as a parent can rest easy knowing that you are getting a great value for your money. Plus you will be greeted with smiles and helpful faces as you navigate your options during your shopping experience.

Hours Of Operation:

Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 9:30 PM and Sunday 11 AM to 7 PM. Store hours may be different at alternate locations, so be sure to check online using the store locator option if you have questions. Hours may also be different or the shop may be closed on holidays.

Age Requirement:

To work at Justice you do need to meet certain qualifications, and age and experience matters. You need to be in high school to be employed by the company. If you are unsure if you qualify, ask to speak with a manager.

Benefits Of Working:

There are numerous perks associated with being employed by this company. Clearly you will get the experience and education that comes from working in a dynamic, fast-paced environment that is full of great retail, sales, and management information! Of course there are some monetary benefits as well that will depend upon how you are qualified as a worker (full or part time). They could include any of the following:

  • Retirement plans and stock options for your financial future
  • Assistance when going through the adoption process
  • Paid leave such as for vacations or sick time
  • Medical/Health plans
  • Disability insurance
  • Spending and saving accounts
  • Other assistance programs and resources

Applying For A Job:

  • Are you ready to start work? Head to shopjustice.com to educate yourself and then to mentioned site below to get started on your job search.
  • You can apply for any number of employment opportunities through the company. You could work:

+ At the home office + in a store + for a distribution center + with a regional or district team +

  • Search thoroughly and find the best option for you. To apply hit the button that says “Find Location.” You can enter either your city and state or zip code.
  • The locations that have positions available will appear. Check off any that you are interested in and hit “Apply Now”.
  • Log into your account if you are register otherwise create new account to enable yourself to submit your application.
  •  If a match is made between your submitted resume and a job opening, someone will be in touch.

Get ready to start on your latest and greatest career adventure with Justice! You will learn all the ins and outs of customer service, hone your retail and sales skills, be trained and counseled in leadership opportunities, and given ample room for growth and advancement. What more could you ask for? Good luck, smile, and have a lot of fun in the process!

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