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KFC has been around for years serving customers delicious food and chicken based products. They have a commitment to customer service and providing you will the great tasting food you deserve and a wonderful dining experience. They are a fast food restaurant that offers speedy service and the right price without sacrificing quality. Colonel Sanders started the company after he reached retirement age, and found more success in this endeavor than in any previous job he had!

Hours Of Operation:

Most restaurants are open every day from 10:30 AM to 1:00 AM. If you think you store hours might be different, talk to a store manager. Your shift will be within this time range.

Age Requirement:

For most jobs you need to be 16 or older to work at the restaurant. Some jobs require an even higher age restriction or necessitate further education and experience. If you are unsure if you meet the qualifications, speak to a manager for more assistance.

Applying For Work:

If you think a job at this restaurant might be for you, you should go online and check it out. You can visit official site. To inquire about careers, click on the CAREERS button the website.  At this company there is something for everyone, and you can easily find a position that fits your life and needs.

You can apply for a job online. Examples of possible positions for you include:

  • Team Member
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Management

You can also choose where you want to work, depending upon the position for which you are applying. Jobs are available:

  • In KFC Stores
  • In the Louisville, Kentucky Offices
  • Choose the job category and then select the offer post against the each job department where you feel that you are fit for it.
  • When you start by search, you can view jobs either by keyword – maybe you search for “assistant” or “cook,” or you can search by your zip code to see the positions available at the locations nearest you.
  •  A list of jobs will appear detailing to you the title, location, address, and date posted.
  • Apply for one or many by clicking on the links provided. Just make sure that the jobs you are applying for match both your interests and skillsets.
  • On the next page provide your contact information and send them your resume for applying jobs.
  • Once you have finished applying you can wait to hear from someone about an interview and how to take those next steps.


Working at here offers you a myriad of benefits, from discounts on food to competitive pay and appealing benefits packages. What you are offered for work will depend upon the position, and you can always earn more as you go and move up in the company! There is always room for growth at the restaurant. You may start as a team member and end up as a regional manager – anything is possible! The important thing is that you show up with a smile and work hard. Through your work you will be offered way more than a paycheck – you will make new friends, learn to interact with customers, gain knowledge about the business, hone your interests for future jobs, and provide a satisfying life for yourself. The possibilities are endless at this place.

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