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This restaurant has been dedicated to providing customers with fresh, delicious-tasting seafood for as long as it’s been around. Guests can come here and sit back and relax, knowing that they will be taken care of with the best service and a winning smile. Company offers seafood plates as well as other dishes, and all at an affordable, low price. The people who work at the company are energetic, enthusiastic, and are all about teamwork. Many of the stores are franchised, meaning that others can buy an individual store and own and operate it themselves.

Do You Want To Work Here?

If you think working at this company might be good for you, you can check out the options online. Maybe you love seafood and would enjoy cooking it for other people. Maybe you really want to work in customer service and would have fun serving people. Maybe you are looking for your next big investment and would like to franchise a store. No matter what your reason there is something for you here!

How Do You Apply?

  • To learn more about how to apply go to official site and finding the “Work for Us” tab, or go to mentioned link. You can read all about the great perks that come with a job at here. Benefits include:
    • Appealing compensation
    • Benefits packages depending on your position
    • Opportunities to grow and move up in the company
    • A great atmosphere
    • The chance to learn about the industry
  • If you are ready to take the next step, find your nearest restaurant and go speak with a manager. You need to apply in person for a position with this company. E-applications are unavailable.
  • If you are unsure of where the nearest location is, check out the “Store Locator” tab on the restaurant page. You can also view it at the given link below. You can put in your zip code and see all the stores near you.


The time a store is open will depend on its location and the management. The hours, though, are within the time frame for most other stores in your area. If you are going to be working in a store in a position such as server, host, or cook, your shift will be within the opening and closing hours, not long before or after unless you are opening or closing.

Working With The Company:

Working at here means making a host of new friends while working in a fast-paced, fun, friendly environment that hardly feels like work! You will enjoy yourself while perfecting your customer service skills, gaining knowledge of the business and how restaurants work, educating yourself on all the products and food, and looking forward to moving up as you dedicate yourself and work hard in your current position. There is always room to grow, and don’t sell yourself short! When you inquire about work, think about the possibilities that come with many different positions. You may find yourself attracted to a job that you previously would not have put yourself in. Be open to a challenge and have fun!

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