This retailer sells athletic apparel, sporting equipment, team sports gear, active wear, and footwear to customers.  It is the oldest retailer of its kind in the United States and is also privately owned. The commitment is to providing people with a convenient, one-stop location to purchase anything in the realm of athletics and sports all in one store. The company was started in the late 1800s and has been in the same family for four generations. It has since expanded into more than 150 units all across the Northeast. People can also shop for items through the ecommerce site, main site. The brand stands for superior customer service, value, and quality.

Store Hours:

9:30a-9:30p Monday through Friday, 9:00a-9:30p on Saturdays, and 10:00a-7:00p on Sunday. Although this is a typical schedule for the company, some stores may have slightly different operating times. Search for locations in your area and double check scheduling information at mentioned link.

Age Requirements:

The company will on occasion hire minors, but if you plan to apply under the age of 18 make sure that you can supply proof of your legal ability to work in your state.

Applying For Work:

If you want to work at here, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps to get there.

  • Go to main site and click on careers and then opportunities, or go to given link.
  • You will see that you can choose from hourly positions, a job in management, or a career at the corporate office. Click on the appropriate link depending on where you want to work.
  • If you click on the link under hourly jobs, you will be able to see and print the PDF file that holds the application. Print it and take it into a local store. You can also access the file here from the mentioned link.
  • Clicking on either management or corporate will take you to a list of available jobs. Click on any of the titles to view detailed descriptions and job requirements. If you think the job is a good fit, click to apply.
  • To continue you will need to log in through one of a few different means. You can use your Facebook, Google Plus, or LinkedIn account, or you can fill out a separate online form to get started on your profile. Once you have logged in you can take the final steps towards submitting your application.

Benefits Of Working:

There is no end to the potential benefits and rewards you can receive while working at here Of course there is a limit to compensation and certain perks, but the positive experiences, learning opportunities, and chances to meet new people are vast and far-reaching. As far as compensation offered by the company, you could receive:

  • Competitive pay rates
  • Paid time off
  • Store merchandise discounts
  • Incentives and bonus opportunities
  • Referral programs
  • Recognition programs
  • Flexible scheduling
  • And more!

Once you start work you will immediately start to reap the rewards of a job with this business. When you commit yourself and try your hardest you can easily make a lifelong career out of your employment!

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