About Company

Gap Inc. is the parent company that controls and owns many household names in the clothing and fashion industry. The company caters to the retail clothing industry especially young generation apparel, accessories, and personal care products. Some of the brand names under the company are Old  Navy ,Banana Republic . Piperlime, and Athleta.

Job Description:

Minimum Age To Work:

You must be 18 years to apply for a job at Old Navy.

Job Hours:

Offering 7 days a week services : Mon-Sat: 10:00am-9:00pm; Sun:10:00am-6:00pm

Working At Gap

The message is really short – the company wants people who will add to the creativity repertoire of the organization. According to the firm, these are the sort of individuals who have the tendency to bring in more customers ad retain them. Gap wants staff who first think about customers and connect with them. As a staff you will be required to think, assume risks and resolve issues. You should be able to challenge the established order and continuously seek for new ideas and ways of operating. You will need to do what is right, act with integrity and  provide back to the communities during your tenure of  employment. To be accepted, you must demonstrate that you can produce results and will work as a team player..

Employment Benefits
Gap offers incentives and benefits for both full-time staff additionally and casuals. Working for the firm entitles you to disability insurance, private therapy assets, wellness clinics, free heaviness Watchers memberships and discounts to enable you patronize. Staff is also provided with  tuition reimbursement for any studies they undertake that relates to the job which incentive includes classroom based and online courses. To top it all, staff are entitled to huge discounts any time they purchase any of the company’s products. There are paid vacations each year, casual leave pay .In all, it is the goal of the company to let their staff feel as comfortable as possible.

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