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Olive Garden has over 750 restaurants and focuses each and every one on hospitality and achieving 100% customer satisfaction. They serve fresh Italian food in a comfortable setting that reminds you of home. The inspiration for the entire concept is Italy. The food, the wine, the environment, service, and setting – everything comes from the type of warmth and welcoming you would receive in Italy. They even opened up a culinary school in Tuscany to get closer to the Italian roots of the business and learn more about the culture. Some employees each year will even have the chance to visit the European country and engross themselves in all things Italian. The company also participates in a number of community and charity programs in an effort to give back and help the less fortunate.

If you think this company sounds like a wonderful place to work, you may want to investigate the possibility of a career with them. To start, go to

The Application Process:

  • First, you can choose to focus on:
    • Team member opportunities
    • Management opportunities
    • College relations*

*The College Relations program was set up so that the business could partner with colleges and universities across the country who have hospitality programs. Participating in College Relations allows students to find opportunities both during school and after graduation.

  • The easiest way to continue might be to conduct a job search to find the right opportunity for you.
  • To search by job type, choose an area that houses the work opportunity you would like to take advantage of. Examples include restaurant management, culinary/kitchen staff, bar staff, and dining room staff.
  • You can also input your location and the proximity you are willing to travel. This will ensure that you only get search results for jobs that you will be able to get to.
  • Once you search all the jobs that match the job type and location you have selected will appear. You can choose one or more of these jobs and apply online.
  • Applying online makes it fast and easy, and all you will have to do is wait for a current staff member to call about your future employment. Just click on the application button and fill out all of your personal and employment information and make account. For next time when you visit this site you will only have to login and apply for the job.
  • You won’t need to call anyone or even go into a restaurant – everything will be taken care of just by submitting your information online. Just make sure that you have time to fill out the entire application and that you save your login information for future use.


  • Sunday to Thursday 11 am to 10 pm.
  • Friday and Saturday 11 am to 11 pm.

Working Age:

You will need to be at least 16 to work at this restaurant. Younger employees tend to be servers and hosts, while the upper-level positions have an older age requirement in addition to educational and experience qualifications.


Olive Garden is a great place to work and offers exciting opportunities for people of all ages. Whether you are trying to get a job waiting tables while in school or are passionate about the restaurant industry and want to get ahead in management, there is something for you! Take into consideration your preferences for schedule, hours, job requirements, and specifications when submitting your application. You are more likely to get the job if your skills and talents closely match what is needed for the job. No matter what you are in store for a dynamic career opportunity that can provide you personal and professional satisfaction. You will be proud knowing you are contributing to the team and the restaurant experience!

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