As a leading specialty pet retailer, it strives to give owners everything they need to raise their pet children to be great pet adults! They offer numerous products and services for your animal to help you treat him or her. You can go to one of the company’s stores for everything from food, clothing, and toys to equipment, bedding, leashes, and collars. The employees at the stores are dedicated to making your dog, cat, fish, bird, reptile, or other small animal healthy and happy. Feel free to ask any of them if you have questions or need assistance. You can also take advantage of a number of other great services, such as training, grooming, vaccinations, and adoptions.


  • Monday through Friday 9:00am to 9:00pm.
  • Saturday 9:00am to 9:00pm.
  • Sunday 10:00am to 7:00pm.

Hours will vary slightly by location and depend on holidays as well. If you are a store employee your shift will be within the hours of operation for the store. If you work in distribution, pet services, or at corporate you may work on a different schedule.

Age Limitations:

The age requirement depends on the position for which you are hired. They generally hires 16 and up.

Why You Should Choose This Workplace?

Do you think a job with this company might be right for you? If you really want to get into the retail industry, if you would enjoy working with animals, if you love customer service, or are just looking for a career change, then you might be right! Visit following link to see what the company has to offer. You can also get valuable information about careers from the site.  If you want to apply, go to reference link below.

How To Search Jobs?

  • You can find below mentioned jobs categories for applying jobs.
  • Corporate – Distribution – Pet Services – Retail
  • You will find the search job form at the left hand side of the page.
  • Enter job categories, job functions, schedule and location of the store and click on search jobs.
  • You will finds jobs list that are available to apply , apply for them if you are returning user than login to account otherwise make a new account online.
  • After that provide them resume with your qualification and experience information.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to continue. After you have finished, your part of the work is done and all you have to do is wait for a call!

Your Benefits:

Of course working at this place is a rewarding career in itself because you will be making a difference in the lives of animals and their people. Plus you will be working in a social atmosphere where you can make friends, learn, and advance within the company. In addition, you will receive an attractive benefits package.

  • Medical insurance that includes dental, vision, and spending accounts
  • Additional types of insurance
  • Disability coverage
  • Paid leave
  • Employee assistance
  • 401K options
  • Discounts and deals with other companies

After Submitting Your Application:

Once you have finished applying all you have to do is wait to see if someone calls you to continue the process. You may have to do one or more interviews before you are hired. When you get started you will begin to love your job as you get to know the animals, people, and your job requirements. You will fit right in and your commitment and dedication could be rewarded with promotions and advancement!

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