This group of grocery stores is owned by a parent company called Roundy’s, which also operates a number of other grocery chains under that names Copps, Rainbow, Metro Market, and Mariano’s. The company first started in the 1870s and has since grown to employee almost 20,000 people. There are over 160 retail stores and nearly 100 pharmacies throughout the Northern part of the United States in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota. At Pick N’ Save you can shop for goods within a variety of departments including meat, produce, alcohol, health/beauty, and pharmacy needs. The employees are friendly, helpful, and looking to make sure the shoppers’ needs are met!

Store Hours:

Some store are open 24 hours, but even locations with limited schedules are open for a good portion of the day, anywhere from 6 AM to 11 PM. You will want to check online at the given link  to find out the opening and closing times (if there are any) for units within your area.

Apply For A Job:

Do you want to work at one of these grocery stores? If you think you could be an asset to the team and have a love of customer service and grocery retail, go to main site to get started. From there:

  • Click on the CAREERS tab on the home page or go to the below mentioned link.
  • You can choose between in store operations, working at the corporate office, in a distribution center, or at the commissary.
  • For jobs within the retail segment or in the pharmacy, browse through the specific job titles and select the exact position for which you would like to apply.
  • After this, and for distribution and commissary jobs, read over the information and select your age. Follow the onscreen instructions to submit all of your credentials for consideration and get job positions and location. Enter Zip Code and Radius to find out the exact location.
  • Find location and see the job list to apply online for the opportunity.
  • Go through a similar process for options within the corporate setting. You will note that you need to have employment history information on hand, create an account, and have 45 minutes to devote to the application process.
  • When you are done, wait for someone to contact you. A manager or other representative will be in touch when an opportunity presents itself that is a good fit.

Age Requirements:

You will notice that you have to select that you are at least a certain age in order to fill out an electronic application. The youngest age at which the company will hire an individual is 16 years old.

Benefits The Company Offers:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Possibility of annual bonuses
  • Paid time off, including for sick time and holidays
  • 401(k) savings options
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Educational assistance resources
  • Vacation packages
  • Opportunities for growth
  • And more!

Working at Pathmark, you will be a part of a progressive team that is continuing to grow and evolve as a company. You can find great opportunities and many chances for advancement. Whether you start as a cashier or as a corporate accountant, you can find enjoyment in your career and a satisfying and rewarding job experience!

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