There are almost one thousand stores in the United States that provide affordable clothing to teens and young adults all across the country in nearly every state. Clothing sold within the store is for both boys and girls and brands vary from those owned and manufactured by the company and ones from outside distributors. Teenagers can go into any shop and find shirts, pants, skirts, shorts, and accessories for multiple occasions without breaking the bank. The apparel is fashionable, attractive, and appealing to teenagers of a variety of ages.

Are You Interested In Working with Rue 21?

You may be looking to alter your career or find a job that can take you in a new direction. Whether it is because you are interested in fashion, are a long time shopper at Rue 21, or want to break into the retail and customer service industry, any motivated individual can find a place for themselves with the company. The store’s website can be found at link blow  and you can check out job applications at following link.

Filling Out Rue 21 Application Online:

  • At this link you will see a few different options for job categories.
    • Store Positions
    • Distribution Center Careers
    • Work at the Home Office
    • A Job in Management
  • Click the category that best represents the environment and job type for which you are looking.
  • There are two options one is to see the list of jobs that are being offered click on them or search. When you click on any of the job from the list then on the next page read the description and option to apply online.
  • When you search you will see the name of the job as well as the location of everything that is available. You can click to view descriptions and submit your online application. Examples of potential careers include:
  • On applying you have to login into you account or need to create it to upload your resume.
    • Store management
    • Sales associate
    • HR Recruitment
    • Assistant buyer
    • Hourly and management distribution jobs
  • You can search for whatever jobs you like and then click on the appropriate links to submit applications through the website.
  • Someone will be in touch with you when there is a match between your resume and an opportunity with the company. To complete the process you may have to complete one or more interviews.

Age Requirement for Rue 21 Jobs:

Minimum ages may vary depending on the job for which you are applying. Check with a manager, supervisor, or other representative if you have questions.

Rue 21 Store Hours:

Hours fluctuate depending on the location. Use the store locator to find the location nearest you and call for specific store operating hours.

Benefits And Perks Of Working:

The rewards you will receive for working at this place are practically limitless. Of course you will receive compensation that will come regularly and may be based on hours worked or a predetermined salary. Certain positions, especially for full-time workers, are also offered packages that include medical insurance and investment packages. You can also take advantage of discounts on products and apparel. Most importantly the company encourages internal growth, and you can work hard and prove your loyalty to be rewarded with promotions and room for advancement. If you listen closely and learn a lot you will no doubt go far!

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