Six Flags is an amusement park company that is the largest organization of its kind in the world. It is also ranked in the top five as far as popularity, measured in attendance. There are almost twenty properties in North America, which includes all three countries – the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The headquarters is located in Texas and it was founded in the early 1960s. There is also a corporate office located in New York City. There are fewer than 2,000 employees who work full time, but during seasonal peaks (such as over the summer) that number increases to almost thirty thousand. The park serves tens of millions of guests every year and offers theme parks, thrill rides, entertainment events, and water parks. Some of the properties have additional themes, such as the original location in Texas.

Submitting An Application:

Do you love theme parks? Would you love to spend all your time in one? Would you be interested in only working on a temporary basis, or for part of the year? Do you think you might enjoy working at the corporate level for a successful North American business? Whatever your reason, you can apply by going online.

  • Go to the link mentioned below that page. There is a colorful banner near the top of the screen that has the company logo as well as a number of links. One of these, in small white letters, says “Jobs.” Click on this link.
  • You can read over some general information and then turn your attention to the left side of the screen, where you can click on links to view job listings, learn about internships, find an audition, or discover the international jobs program. Click on the big yellow button that says FIND A JOB.
  • There will be a red banner near the top of the screen. Type in keywords, select your park, specify a job type, and select an employment type (seasonal of full time). Then click the yellow button that says SEARCH.
  • The search results will appear in the gray space below. If the year is heading into an off season, there may not be many positions available. Browse the selection that appears for each search your conduct. Click on any of the jobs that appear.
  • Read over all the information and if you think that the position would be a good fit, click the button to submit an application. Follow the onscreen instructions to enter in all your information and send in your credentials for review.

Someone will get in touch with you after they have reviewed your application if they think you are qualified for the position. Be patient – you may not hear right away, especially if they have just begun to hire seasonal workers, as they most likely have to review a lot of applicants’ information.

Age Requirements:

Six Flags will hire minors for certain positions but will have many more qualifications for others, such as those at the corporate headquarters. Review the qualifications for each position to which you apply to ensure that you meet the requirements.

Operating Hours:

Park hours vary depending on a number of factors, such as the time of year, day of the week, and which park it is (water parks, for example, often have different hours). View the park information page at this site to see a calendar and opening and closing times for specific days and parks.

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