Smoothie King is one of the largest specialty shops of its kind, focusing on nutritional drinks that perform particular functions, such as boosting metabolism, giving you energy, or acting as a protein supplement. People can also come to the store for similar items like protein bars, vitamins and supplements, and healthy snacks. The company was founded just before the 1990s and currently has around 600 locations – and it continues to expand! The majority of the locations are in the United States although you can also find them in some Asian countries. The owner, Steve Kuhnau, invented the concept to cure his own health ailments 50 years ago. His beverages proved to help his sicknesses and so he decided to run with the idea. Before you knew it the company had experienced international success!

Applying To Work:

If you are motivated by this healthy alternative to other popular food items, you can get in on the action. That’s what the current CEO did, and looks where he ended up! If you want to get started on your next career, then go to mentioned site below and check out all the action. You will notice you even have the opportunity to franchise a store if you want to start in at the top!

Finding Jobs:

  • If you want to work you should visit your nearest store (or the one at which you want to work) to investigate.
  • Ask to speak to the store manager and he or she can give you a rundown of all the options. You may hear of employment opportunities such as:
    • Cashier or counter clerk
    • Smoothie prep
    • Assistant manager
    • Manager
  • These are store positions. Of course you may be able to find a position at corporate as well if you are interested in an office job. View the following reference link to see contact information.
  • You can also ask your local manager and masters about opportunities at the home offices, either in the United States or abroad.

Age Requirements:

You need to be of legal age to work to be employed. This means being in high school and at least 14 years of age, although certain positions may have more strict guidelines. Speak with a manager or call the number listed on the website if you have questions.

HOURS OF OPERATION Hours vary by location. If you would like to know when a store is open please call the number that is listed on the site.


First of all you will be compensated competitively for your work at this company. You will be paid regularly and direct deposit options are available. Depending on your position you may also be offered benefits packages or bonuses. In addition you can get discounts on in store products. Of course the biggest benefit is the experience and knowledge you will gain from your work there. Customer service skills, retail skills, food and beverage service skills, leadership and management skills, team building skills – just to name a few! There is always opportunity for advancement as well, as long as you are dedicated, loyal, and work hard!

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