About Company

Target is an American retail company based Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is the second-biggest discount retailer in the USA, just behind Wal-Mart the Company begun in 1902 in Minneapolis when it was called Dayton Dry Goods till the first store was opened in 1962.


In addition to the principal retail business, Target operates many other subsidiaries,

The Financial and Retail Services previously called Target Financial Services manages Targets credit cards. This division is renowned because the RED card, issued through the Nationwide Bank for consumers and through Target for businesses. The Target Financial Services furthermore oversees Gift Card balances. It introduced its PIN based debit business card which was later on renamed debit business card. The Target debit business card withdraws funds from the customer’s living checking account, and permits for up to $40 “cash back.” The debit card permits customers to save.

Target Commercial Interiors provides services and furnishings for agency house and commenced within the home furnishings department at Dayton’s. This subsidiary has six showrooms in Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, as well as a first-of-its-kind retail concept showroom in Bloomington, Minnesota that started working in 2005.

Target.com, the domain of the company captivated a minimum of 288 million unique visitors in. The platform serves as the main web presence for the company. Here it conducts it ecommerce activities of selling its products online.

Job Description:

Minimum Age To Work:

You must be 18 years to apply for a job at Target.

Job Hours:

Offering 7 days a week services : Mon-Sat: 8:00am-10:00pm, Sun: 8:00am-9:00pm

Types Of Jobs Available:

Target offers two main types of work:

  • Wage-based positions, salaried experts and college students.
  • Each one goes with different incentives and location.

Working At Target:

As a new staff, the first things you would notice at Target are a clean office, well-coordinated administration, efficient management and fashionable goods merchandise.  Your job is all about adding your quota to make the company an excellent workplace.

At work, you would notice how easy it is to be integrated into the culture.  You would be glad with the way everyone relates to the other as team members. At Target, you have the unique opportunity to serve the community. The company believes that this work culture expresses the greatest value of its operations.

Target’s medical benefits specialize in reasonable and high–quality care.  Staff are offered a full advantages package with a range of medical set up choices, that commensurate with their peculiar situations, level of employment and length of stay.  These plans are worked according to average hours worked as well.

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