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Toys R Us is one of the world’s leading toy vendors and suppliers of products for young children. This family brand also includes ownership of the Babies R Us Brand which sells similar merchandise to a slightly younger audience. The brand has an extensive reach, with nearly nine hundred stores in the United States and over six hundred and fifty in international markets (totaling thirty five other countries). Customers can also find merchandise and order products at any time of day through one of the company’s ecommerce sites, including The retail business was founded in the late 1970s and was a publically traded company until an acquisition turned it private in 2005.

Submitting A Job Application:

There are a lot of good reasons to submit an application to work at this company. Whether it is because you love toys, enjoy working with children, have experience in retail, or are attracted to the idea of working with an international corporation, you can find details online at main site.

  • Go to main site access the web address by the end of the page to get started. At the bottom of the web page is a blue box with a number of links to other parts of the site. Click on the one that says, “Careers.”
  • Peruse the information on the next page to familiarize yourself with what you can expect from a job with the toy company. On the left hand side you can see a number of categories indicating the type of position you could obtain, such as corporate, store, distribution, military hiring, and opportunities for students. Click on the one that interest you.
  • For corporate careers, look over the general information regarding working at the home office and then click on the link to search for opportunities. Enter search criteria such as relevant keywords, a specific job number, your desired job field, posting date ranges, and your location information.
  • The search results will appear below. Click on any of the titles that interest you to read over descriptions and job qualifications. If you think the position is a good fit, click the yellow button to apply online.
  • To continue you will need to log in or create an account with the website. Follow the step by step instructions to complete the registration process and submit an application.
  • Store positions include both hourly and leadership opportunities. To search, select your state and then enter the same search criteria, including job field and keywords. Go through the same process as with corporate jobs to submit your credentials.
  • You will also need to choose whether you want to be an hourly or managerial employee under the distribution center job heading. Again, follow the same process from this point to search for positions, review your options, and send in an electronic application.
  • Make sure to check under student and military opportunities as well if these labels are applicable to you.

Age Limitations:

Toys R Us does hire minors for certain positions, but not for others. Make sure you read over the full description under each job type to ensure that you qualify based on the age limitations.

Store Hours:

Opening and closing times may differ slightly between locations, but are generally from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Thursday, 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Friday, 9:00 am to 10:00 pm on Saturday, and 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on Sunday.

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