United Health Group is a health care company which has its two operating businesses: ‘United Health Care’ and ‘Optum’. United Health care was created in 1977 and its headquarter is in Minnesota, United States. More than 70 million persons are being served all over the country.

What Is Prior Authorization?

Prior authorization means that you are required from your doctor to let you know that why you are taking that medication which is covered under your pharmacy benefit and is it appropriate to use or not. Prior Authorization helps you to avoid the use of such drugs which are not beneficial for your health.

What Kinds Of Drugs Need Prior Authorization?

  • Drugs which may have dangerous side effects
  • Drugs which become harmful when they are combined with other drugs
  • Drugs which must be used for certain health conditions
  • Drugs which are usually misused or abused
  • Drugs which a doctor prescribes you when relatively cheaper drugs can give better results.

Prior Authorization:

If your medication requires prior authorization, then your pharmacist will tell you about that and then you or your pharmacist have to inform your doctor who will in return contact the pharmacy and send the authorization form to the pharmacist after completing it.

Prior Authorization Form

The form can be found at the below link mention on the right hand side.

  • United healthcare prior authorization form is divided into three sections. Section A consists of information about the patient. You need to give you name, address, phone number, date of birth etc. in the particular areas where asked.
  • You also need to tell that whether the requested medication is new or a continuation.
  • Section B requires the information about the physician, name address, phone number, office contact name and specialty etc.
  • Section C is about Medication Information. Options need to be filled include Medication, strength, direction for use, diagnosis and information about any other medication tried.
  • At the bottom signature of physician with the date is required and after the completion of the form, it should be faxed to 866-940-7328.

Acceptance Of The Authorization

  • After the information is provided from the doctor, it is reviewed and a letter is sent to the doctor and patient about the acceptance or non-acceptance of the medication coverage.
  • If authorization is approved, it will be entered and medication coverage is provided under the pharmacy benefit.
  • If authorization is not accepted, then company tells the patient about the appeal rights in the letter sent to him.
  • In case of acceptance, person have two choices. Either he may have his prescription and pay the whole cost of the drugs himself or it may be asked from the doctor that whether he would be prescribed another alternative drug which can be given under the pharmacy benefit.

How It Can Be Known About Your Drug That It Needs Prior Authorization Online?

  • If someone wants to know that if his drug requires prior authorization, he can visit the website mentioned below:
  • You can login or you can register yourself if you do not already have any account by following simple steps.
  • Click on “Manage my Prescriptions”.
  • Then Click on “Drug Pricing and Alternatives”.
  • You can enter your drug name and dose.

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