UPS was founded in 1907 and has grown into the largest package delivery service in the world since then. It is a brand and company name that is recognized worldwide, processing deliveries in 200 countries and territories every day! The company has become so successful by honing in on a key business point – making commerce possible. People use the shipping service for recreational uses, such as mailing birthday and Christmas presents, all the way to confidential business services. People can also choose to use the company when selling items over the internet as a way to allow purchases and sales to be made from halfway across the globe.


This is always available! Shipping can take place at virtually any time of day, and processing and deliveries are taking place somewhere in the world at every moment.


Age varies depending upon position, but it generally hires 18 and up.

Applying For Work:

If you would like to work at here, there are a myriad of possibilities for you. Regardless of your interests, skills, education, and background, there is a place for you at this company. It hardly even matters where you live, because you can find a job with this business all over the world! To learn more go to official site and click on JOBS, or go to the link at Mentioned Below and select the location by country and region.

  • You can search for work by inputting your zip code and any keywords you might want to use. You put in your location so that only jobs that are in your immediate area show up. Keywords might include anything from “driver” to “human resources” to narrow your search.
  • There are a number of career areas available for you to search within, including:
    • Package Handlers and Helpers
    • Drivers
    • Mechanics
    • Customer Solutions
    • Sales
    • IT
    • Corporate
    • Logistics
    • Operations
  • You can work in any one of these areas and more! Just search for the job that best fits you. You can always apply for more than one position too if you are unsure, or if you see a couple opportunities that you think would be a good fit.
  • Read the information about the job you have selected and click “Apply to this position.”
  • Before continuing you will either have to log in or create a profile. From there you can finish filling out the application.

The Benefits:

Working at here means you get to take advantage of a large number of benefits and perks while working as an employee. This includes:

  • Programs that help with education/tuition
  • Comprehensive health plans that include medical, dental, vision, and other types of insurance
  • Stock options
  • Competitive pay
  • Profit sharing/incentive plans

Not only will you receive all of these monetary rewards and savings, but you will learn a lot about the company and the shipping industry, acquire new skillsets and new education, have novel experiences, meet new people, and go places you never thought you could! Whether you are motivated to stay in the shipping industry for life are you just want to try out a job such as truck driving, being a mechanic, or working in packaging, you can get your chance here. Once you have applied someone will be in touch with you to take the next steps on your journey with this company.

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