The history of Walgreens dates back to 1901, when a small drug store opened on a street corner in Chicago, Illinois. Over time everything about the company expanded – its number of stores, its employee population, and its product line. Today the corporation operates in all fifty United States and some U.S. territories. There are nearly one hundred and eighty thousand employees who together operate nearly eight thousand five hundred locations. Approximately five thousand of these employees work at the corporate headquarters, which is located in a suburb of Illinois. The company acts as a pharmaceutical retailer, including offering customers access to narcotics and controlled substances through the use of a prescription. Stores offer a number of other health and wellness products, toiletries and makeup, candy, snack items, and tobacco products.

Working For Walgreens:

There are numerous good reasons to submit an application to work for this health and drug company. Walgreens Employees serve a variety of functions within the corporate community, working as sales associates, managers, and in various tiers of the corporate structure.

  • To apply, begin by going online to main site (get link from the bottom). Scroll all the way to the bottom and look for the column heading that says “Corporate Information.” Click on the link underneath it that says “Careers.”
  • Read about life at the company, opportunities for college students, and descriptions of different career areas. Then, click on the icon that indicates a job search near the top right hand corner of the screen.
  • If you are a current team member you can bypass part of the process by clicking on the large red button in the middle of the screen. This will take you to the employees’ home page where you can log in and continue the process.
  • If you are not a current team member, select a job category, such as in-store retail, pharmacy, corporate, or distribution. Then, select a specific career, such as assistant manager in training, community pharmacy technician, finance and accounting, or in some cases (such as distribution) simply input your location.
  • After this point you will be prompted to register for an account or log in. You can choose either of these options or choose to circumvent this step for the moment and instead see job opportunities.
  • The next page will help you to narrow your search by asking for location information and a specific career position. You can click on titles to view descriptions if you are unclear what each job requires.
  • Hit FIND JOBS and see what is available in your area that matches your search criteria. Once you have found a suitable position, click on the link to submit your application. At some point you will need to create an account or log in before finalizing the process.

Age Requirements:

Certain positions, such as retail associate jobs, do hire applicants under the age of eighteen. If you are a minor and wish to work for this company, make sure that you bring to your interview proof of your legal ability to work in your state.

Store Operating Hours:

Opening and closing times vary by location and differ for the retail component and the pharmacy. Typical hours for retail are 8 AM to 10 PM seven days a week, and 8 AM to 10 PM Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM on Saturday, and 10 AM to 6 PM on Sunday for the pharmacy. In select locations, stores and/or pharmacies are open 24 hours a day.

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