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Walmart Stores, Inc. is an American-owned department stores that offer a vast array of products at discounted or warehouse prices. The corporation is very large and operates locations in multiple countries. It was founded in the early 1960s and has since expanded to include nearly nine thousand locations. It is a global Fortune 500 company that is owned by the Walton family. It is headquartered in Arkansas and employs over two million people worldwide. The company has locations in fifteen different countries, occasionally operating under different names, such as Walmat and Best Price. Products include clothing, home furniture and décor, kitchen appliances, shoes for all ages, sporting equipment, toys, multimedia devices, music, movies, artwork, school supplies, toiletries, and prescription services.

Submitting An Application:

Have you ever thought about working for one of the largest and most profitable corporations in the entire world? A company with such a large scope can offer you employment in a number of different fields, from part-time sales associate to corporate executive.

  • Go to main site mentioned at the end of the page begin your career search. Look all the way at the bottom of the page where there is a column with links entitled “Get to know us.” Click on the link below that says “Careers.”
  • To search jobs, note the search bar near the middle of the screen. Enter in any keywords that describe a position you might like and click GO. If you are a military applicant or are interested in store or club hourly opportunities, click on the links listed.
  • If you choose to enter search terms, your results will appear on the next page with the job title, location, and date listed. You can further filter the results by entering keywords into the spaces above job title and job location.
  • Click on any of the positions that interest you. On the page that appears, view the job description details carefully. If you think you would be a good fit for the job, click the orange APPLY button.
  • Look over the additional information that pops up, and if you still want to apply, click the grey button that says “Apply to Job.” To continue you need to either log in or create an account. If you are a first time user and need to register, click the link and follow the online guide to complete your profile and submit an application.
  • If instead you chose to apply for a store or club hourly position, you will be taken to a page where you can read a little bit about hourly careers at the company. Then, hit the blue APPLY NOW button.
  • Read over all the agreements that appear on the subsequent screens and make sure to hit the buttons indicating that you agree. When you complete this process you will be taken to a log in page. Again, you will either need to log in or register, after which you will be guided through the process of filling out and submitting an electronic application.

Age Restrictions:

All positions come with qualifications, some of which may include mandates regarding minimum ages. If you plan to apply for a position that hires minors, make sure you can provide proof of your legal ability to work in your country or state.

Operating Hours:

Stores vary slightly in their opening and closing times, and certain locations are open twenty four hours a day. Check online to search for retailers in your area and see specific scheduling information.

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