Wegman’s was started in the early 1900’s by brothers who quickly grew and expanded the concept and lead it in the direction to become what it has today. Today the company owns and operates over 80 stores in 6 different states across the east coast, and they get thousands of requests each year from towns wishing to incorporate a store into their area. The business also employs 44,000 people and strives to offer the best products and services around. Their company has been listed as a top ten company to work for many consecutive years, and at some points has been ranked #1! Employees are helpful, happy, and friendly. They set out every day to give shoppers their best and offer them a superior shopping experience.

Access To Work:

Of course it is appealing that they are ranked so highly when it comes to their employees! If you would like to get in on all the perks then you can go online to following link blow and read all about the good the company is doing! Specifically, go to the careers tab and you can get some great information about job opportunities.

Conducting a Search:

  • For Apply online visit the mentioned site below.
  • See the purple button marked with “Apply Now” on the left hand side of the page.
  • You can put in schedule information (full or part time), keywords, location and desired proximity, and job type. Categories for working include but are not limited to:
    • Stores
    • Restaurant
    • Corporate
    • Distribution
    • Manufacturing
  • Apply for one or many positions. Match the right job to your interests, skills, and experience.
  • Click on “Apply Online”, login into you accounts to submit job application or create you new account for applying online.
  • Someone will contact you when a job that is the right fit becomes available. You may need to interview one or more times before you are offered employment.

Working Hours:

You will work, if you are located within the store, during a shift when the shop is open. Hours may vary slightly but are generally 6 AM to midnight every day of the week. Pharmacy hours are more limited but range from early morning to late evening, with earlier closing times on weekends.

Minimum Age:

Different positions require different age minimums. You may need to be 14, 16, 18, or even 21 depending upon the job qualifications and responsibilities.


You receive numerous benefits for working with this company, including opportunities for advancement and the ability to work in a fun and family-oriented atmosphere. Perhaps most importantly you will have the chance to grow and learn new things while working. You can meet people, perfect your skills, and educate yourself on all aspects of the industry. In addition to that you will receive monetary perks such as:

  • Competitive hourly or salary pay
  • Flexible schedules
  • Health coverage
  • Retirement/401K plans
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Paid time off
  • Assistance programs and discounts

You can look forward to working and waking up and going to a job you enjoy at a place where you will succeed! Good luck on your application!

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