The first restaurant opened in the 1960s in California after centuries of evolution of the story of the hot dog. The store was one of the first locations to have a drive-thru option in the country. The menu was hugely popular and it took less than a decade for the company to reach 200 locations. In the 80s the business expanded to include the hot dog’s All American sibling food, the hamburger. The company continued to expand, and by the early 2000s there were over 300 locations in ten different states and one U.S. territory. Also in the 2000s the company acquired yet another company that serves one of America’s favorites – Tastee Freeze.

Hours Of Operation:

Schedules and opening and closing times vary from place to place. If you go online to the store locator by online link you can type in your zip code and find stores around you. Calling the location in which you are interested will give you the most relevant information.

Submitting An Application:

Do you want to work at a restaurant owned by this company? The good news is they are always taking applications from eager people with a strong work ethic. The main website can familiarize you with the company, its history, and menu details. However if you want to submit an application you’ll need to visit a store.

  • To find a location near you, go to the online store locator link mentioned below and type in your zip code.
  • When the results appear, browse all results that are within travelling distance to you. If you seek employment at multiple units you are more likely to find an opportunity that is fitting for you.
  • Make note of the address and contact information and visit the locations you selected.
  • Ask to speak with a store manager. Inquire about employment opportunities and they will be able to point you in the right direction. They can also give you an application to fill out at that time.
  • Complete the application either in the store or at home and return it at your convenience. Make sure to double check all your work and verify that everything you have written is both thorough and accurate.
  • Once you have submitted your credentials, wait patiently for someone to get in touch with you. A manager may want to interview you before officially offering you a position.

Age Requirement:

This company generally hires team members who are 16 and older. You also need to be able to prove your ability to work in your state. If you have any questions, inquire with a supervisor.

Benefits Of Working With The Company:

As will all employment, you will be compensated for your work at Wienerschnitzel. All entry level positions will at least start with competitive wages and regular paychecks. You of course can also reap the rewards of working with this company by getting discounts on all the delicious food items! Higher positions, such as those in management, might also receive benefits packages that include assets such as paid vacation time and leave. If you have any questions, speak with your superior. The important benefit here is that there is always room for advancement, so if you work hard and have a good attitude you can get promoted in no time!

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