This restaurant was founded in 1994 as a new and unique way to present chicken as a food. Typically people did not look at the wing as a good part of the animal to eat, but Wingstop was able to create a special place for them in the dining industry by creating recipes for delicious wings. Guests can order different varieties all tossed in tasty sauces to offer diners a multitude of flavors. The company has grown and today there are over 600 restaurants and the stores have been voted as having the best wings around. You can order other food and sides as well, such as fresh cut fries. All sides and entrees are made to order when you order it so you know you are getting the best tasting food possible.

Applying For Work:

Do you want to work in the restaurant business? The franchise is always looking for more people to add to their already friendly, courteous, and enthusiastic staff. Whether it’s because you love chicken wings or because you enjoy serving customers, you can find a good fit at a store near you. Go to reference link below look up the closest locations to your residence.

Finding A Job:

  • You can’t apply online to work, but you can always visit a restaurant to get more information.
  • Ask to speak to a manager about employment opportunities available to you. Possible job options could include:
    • Waiter or waitress
    • Host or hostess
    • Bus boy or girl
    • Dishwasher
    • Prep cook
    • Cook
    • Assistant manager
    • Manager
  • There may also be jobs available at corporate if you are looking for an office setting. Again, ask the manager to put you in contact with the right people.
  •  For store opportunities, fill out an application onsite.
  • Someone might interview immediately or you may receive a call later about following up in regards to your employment.
  • Ask for details about all the work available so you can make sure the job you are being offered matches your interests, skill level, education, and experience.


When the restaurant operates may depend somewhat on location. Typically restaurants are open from late morning until late evening, with even later hours on weekend nights. Your shift will be based on went the store is open, although you may have to come earlier or stay later if you are opening or closing.

Age Requirement:

Different positions have different age requirements. The company may hire dishwashers and bussers as young as 14, but other positions require a 16, 18, or 21 age minimum.


Of course you will receive regular compensation for working with the restaurant, as well as food discounts and other benefits depending upon the position you hold. You will be able to work in an atmosphere that promotes learning and growth, allows you to meet people and have new experience, and provides ample room for advancement. You may start out as a busboy and end up a manager!

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