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The beginning of this retail chain started when a world traveler began to notice how highly sought after the goods he brought back from his travels were. He wanted to open a store to offer people these unique and unusual goods. Half a century later the company still seeks to offer people original and worldly finds from across the globe. The first location was opened in Northern California and today there are approximately two hundred and sixty stores that can be found in many places in the United States. Merchandise includes a wide variety of items, from home décor to kitchen essentials to quirky finds and international foods. Goods are sold at a low margin above cost and can be found in stores and online at

How To Submit A Job Application:

Have you ever visited a store, only to think that you would enjoy being a part of the staff? Do you appreciate the interesting and creative merchandise that are offered at retail locations? Do you have experience in retail or customer service? If so, go online to get started on your job application.

  • Visit main site (end of the page)to learn more about the company and get started on finding a job. On the home page of the site, near the bottom of the page, are a number of links that will direct you to various parts of the site. Click on the one that says “Careers.”
  • Peruse the information regarding the work culture and the benefits that the company offers. Then, click on one of the links on the left hand side of the page that direct you to a job category, such as home office or distribution center positions.
  • For careers in distribution or at the corporate headquarters, available positions will appear on the next page, organized by job type or department. Click on one of the titles that interest you. You can download application and can online apply.
  • Read the job overview, description, and requirements to ensure that it is a good fit. If you think it is, click the button to apply online now.
  • On the next page you will have to answer a series of questions regarding your personal information and eligibility. Then you will have the option to fill out an application form manually or upload your resume. Click the button to submit your application when you are finished.
  • For store positions, double check the map to make sure that there is a retail location in your area. If so, click the link to apply online.
  • Browse the positions, note the number of available jobs, and click on the “Find Locations” button when you have come across a position in which you are interested.
  • Type in your zip code to find stores near you. Check off any locations that you feel you could travel to for work and continue.
  • After this point you cannot proceed further until you create an account or log in. Follow the instructions on the website to register or log in and then submit an application for consideration.

Age Requirements:

All positions have necessary qualifications, and some have mandates in regards to age. Make sure to read the entire job description to discern if you qualify for work. If you plan to apply as a minor, make sure you can provide proof of your ability to work legally in your state.

Hours Of Operation:

Hours vary from location to location. Use the online store finder to search for retail locations in your area and see specific opening and closing times.

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