Facts About Regal Cinemas

Minimum Age to Work at Regal Cinemas: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Regal Cinemas?)

Regal Cinemas Hours of Operation: Typically open every day: 11:00am-12:00am

Available Positions at Regal Cinemas: Floor Staff, Usher, Projectionist, Bartender, Associate Manager, General Manager

It is always promising to start a career in a large company. The opportunity to prove yourself and climb the career ladder always there is in a large company. Therefore, applicants are so eager to get to work for such an employer. If you are looking for such a job consider Regal Cinemas.

To fill out all the forms correctly and submit your CV for Regal Cinemas job application, please see the information below. You can applied for different varieties of job of Regal Cinemas — it could managers, service hands, barkeepers and so on.

It is useful to know that the Regal Entertainment Group is the owner of the American chain of picture palaces of Regal Cinemas. There are more than 560 movie-houses of the chain in America.

Apply Online

Step 1 – To go to the page for Regal Cinemas job application follow this link.

Step 2 – Press the button/link as outlined below to go to the main job search page. Look at the picture below and press the “apply now” button to go the page for those who is looking for the job.

Regal Cinemas Job Application (1)

Step 3 – Vacancies on the site may differ from each other depending on the city (state). Enter the city you are interested in in the corresponding column and the system will show you all the available vacancies.

Regal Cinemas Job Application (6)

Step 4 – Look thought the list of vacancies and click on the vacancy you are interested in.

Regal Cinemas Job Application (5)

Step 5 – the link will open a description of the job and the requirements for the applicant. If this employment is suitable for you, click on the “apply on-line” button.

Regal Cinemas Job Application (4)

Step 6 –Click » Click here to create a new account” link (look at the picture) or log in to your account if you already have one.

Regal Cinemas Job Application (3)

Step 7 – in order to send a resume you need to fill out a form and specify the required data.

  • CV (unnecessary)
  • name
  • secondary name
  • surname
  • desirable work schedule
  • address
  • place of living:
    1. сity
    2. state
    3. postal code
    4. country
  • contact telephone number:
    1. home phone
    2. mobile phone
  • email address
  • password
  • confirm password
  • create the Secret question and answer

Regal Cinemas Job Application (2)

Step 8 – Once you have created an account you will be able to log in and apply for a job. Then you need to wait for the call of the recruiter to agree on the date and time of the interview if your candidacy is approved.