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One of the important roles as a crew member at Burger King is that of a food preparer. Food preparer is responsible for the preparation of fast food which is served at Burger King Outlets. This crew member is needed at all the outlets of Burger King in order to prepare food products. Food preparer acts as an assistant to the cook and follows his instructions. He is responsible for the reporting the cook regarding his work.

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Roles And Responsibilities:

Some of the responsibilities that are handed over to Burger King Food Preparer are mentioned below:

  1. Follow the orders given by cook and prepare the food items according to the provided set of instructions which are mentioned in recipes.
  2. Shift the supplies from one area to another where these supplies are needed using hands, electronic machinery or manually operated machinery.
  3. Using the electronic equipments and cooking utensils for preparation of different food items.
  4. Measuring different volumes of fluids and liquids as well as weighing different food items.
  5. Setting the food items, spices, liquids etc in different shelves. Also setting of different electrical machinery which is needed here in order to complete the cooking process.
  6. Labeling different jars and bottles to make it convenient for everyone in the kitchen to read different ingredients.
  7. Slicing different food items for cooking, adding the dates of arrival of the items, date of expiry and other important aspects.
  8. Checking the temperature of different food items and refrigerating different food items which are needed at low temperature to avoid expiry.
  9. Stocking the food items in stores and refrigerators.
  10. Cleaning the kitchen, working spaces and other storage areas where food items are placed. Sanitizing these food items to make them germs free.

Qualifications And Skills Needed For Food Preparer:

Some of the skills that would be important during work in the food preparer’s job are given in the sequence mentioned as under:

  1. Ability of lifting/ shifting the objects which have weight of 40 pounds or lesser than this form one place to another place.
  2. Ability to bend body, twist it and ability to stand since the food preparer’s job needs the employees to be strong and fast in terms of physical activities.
  3. Ability of speaking to other crew members in order to coordinate with them in performance of different tasks and work according to the instructions of higher authorities.
  4. Some of the knowledge about documentation of food items is preferred but not compulsory.
  5. The candidates having strong communication skills are preferred since they would be able to have conversations with customers as well as other team members if necessary.
  6. The candidates must be comfortable in usage of water and chemicals that are diluted with water. This is important for keeping the food items as well as the hands of employees clean so that customers may get clean and sanitized food items.

You can apply for this job opportunity using the online careers portal of Burger King or submitting the application by hand in order to get short listed for the interviews.