Walmart presents its customers the ability to apply as Sales associate online on order to accomplish the challenges offered by this company and complete the assigned tasks. The Sales associates have a number of roles and responsibilities according to the level on which they have assigned duties.

Positions Of Walmart Sales Associates:

Some of the positions of Walmart sales associates are given in the list displayed below:

  1. Sales associate
  2. Associate store sales clerk
  3. Associate buyer
  4. Intern MBA associate
  5. Associate manager site merchandising grocery
  6. Senior director sales & use tax indirect tax
  7. Sales manager wholesale trading Ctr Sam’s Club
  8. Sr buyer flash sales merchandising eCommerce Sam’s Club
  9. Field project supervisor
  10. Dev Co Mgr WM and many more

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Responsibilities Of Sales Associates:

Some of the duties which are expected from sales associates are given in the series of steps mentioned below:

  1. Maintenance of the stocks, setting different material in the storage rooms according to sequence in which these packages are meant to be set and cleaning areas inside the storage rooms. The sales associates are also responsible for removing the damaged material and replacing it with the new packages of stock.
  2. Sales associates are responsible for the reception and setting of stocks all over the region where this stock is meant to be taken and utilization of machinery and devices for setting these stocks. The employees having this position also hold the role of management of paper work and documentation and making the database of all the stock which is stored.
  3. Such employees also have the responsibility of carrying out the safety measures for protection of all the staff members and maintenance of all the electronic and hardware machinery so that it may work properly at time when it is needed.
  4. These employees are also responsible for making different policies within the company and arrangement and organization of merchandise.
  5. This company also has a responsibility related to the maintenance of freezing and cooling areas. Such employees are also responsible for monitoring the quality of food and grocery items in stock.

Note that this job is offered for hourly basis and is not a permanent or full time position.

Duties Of Associate Buyer:

Associate buyers are needed to have an experience of 2 years or more in forecasting and selection of the products. He is also expected to have a bachelor’s degree in technical field or equal level of experience. Some of the duties that are expected from the Associate Buyers are given below:

  1. Demonstration of merchandising expertise and executing different plans according to the policies of the company.
  2. Making the sales and profit of the company to its maximum level and management of the stock and inventory.
  3. Supporting the values and mission of the company and ethical standards of the company.
  4. Purchasing the merchandise for risk management at different levels.

Note that this job position requires traveling and it the employees normally have to travel for 3 to 5 days in one month.