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Jack in the Box is a Fast Food restaurant which started its operations at California in 1951. Currently, apart from flagship store of Jack in the Box in California, it has above 2200 chains all over the United States.

Jack in the Box offer jobs at the entry level as well as Management jobs which include Team Member, Team Leader, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager, and Area Coach.. For the jobs at Jack in the Box, you can apply online through the main website of the company or by visiting the store in your area directly. After that, an interview call be received which will be conducted by managers for the entry level employees.

Interview Types:

  • Interview call is received very quickly after the application process is done and the entire hiring process takes around one week. Usually the interview lasts for 10 to 15 minutes which may be extended in case of few applicants to 30 minutes.
  • Entry level employees have a single interview with only one person while to get managerial jobs, there will be multiple interviews which may be conducted by a panel rather than a single interviewer. Their hiring process also takes more than two to three weeks sometimes. They may have to give an interview on the telephone first. Then they are called for a face to face interview.


  • Employees with a pleasant behavior are required by Jack in the Box.
  • Persons who are available for the flexible timings and on weekends and holidays are preferred more.
  • Applicants who have the knowledge about fast food restaurants and their sales get the priority over others.

Important Questions Related to Interview:

  • Briefly introduce yourself?
  • What do you know about Jack in the Box?
  • Do you have any experience of working in a Fast Food?
  • Do you have any friend working for Jack in the Box?
  • Why do you think you should be hired?
  • How do you consider yourself better than other applicants?
  • Why do you want the job at Jack in the Box?
  • How can you apply your past experience here at Jack in the Box?
  • Do you think you will be successful in the job at Jack in the Box? How?
  • Do you know about the competitors of Jack in the Box?
  • How Jack in the Box is different from its competitors?
  • Is there anything which you do not like working with the co-workers?
  • Do you understand your job at Jack in the Box?
  • What have you learned to improve yourself in the recent time?
  • What do you know about the products and services of the Jack in the Box?
  • Share any quality you have which is praised by you previous manger?
  • Do your skills match this job or another job more closely?
  • Any questions you want to ask about your job from us?
  • How much salary do you expect and need?

Tips for the Interview:

To get prepared for the interview some tips should be followed which are;

  • You must do some research about the history of the company and its products and services, competitors and the organization structure.
  • You should know about the job which you are applying for, by identifying the job description, job specifications and the job goals for Jack in the Box.
  • Make a list of important questions which are asked in the interview.
  • Having a practice for the interview will make your chances better to clear the interview as your confidence level will be increased