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Sears Holding is a leading international company that is retailing merchandise at their stores. You can find thousands of merchandises and other related services at their stores. Company is handling billions of customers at their stores and at online website. Company is managing huge Team working on its stores and office to manage their all business terms but as it is growing so rapidly and building new stores at more location to cover up all customer demand in their area. They are required young talented and passionate people who can serve the company according to their lifestyle because company can’t compromise on the quality of service provided.

Why To Join Sears?

If you are looking for job where you can set your career goals then sears is best place where you can fulfill your dreams. You can join this company on the behalf of your skills and talent to fit in the suitable position in the company. If you are fresh graduates or looking for job in your vacation then you have brilliant opportunity at Sears.

Explore Career Area:

If you are ready to apply here for job here then its better to look at all career areas that are available to work. You can choose that suits you the best for working here. Here you can see major working departments.

  • Member Services
  • Cashiers
  • Management
  • Corporate Office
  • HR Department

How To Apply?

To apply here for job online, follow this online applying method:

  • To find suitable job at sears click on this link and find the page where you can see job categories and online job searching options.
  • You can click on the button “Apply Now” on the main banner of the website or you use the search bar on the page to search your desire job. Enter keywords and location into the search bar and click on the button “Search”
  • On the next page see the job available to apply and click on the link to get more details about the job. Get job description and other details on the next page , read carefully before applying.
  • Click on the “Apply” button on the page.
  • You can apply via two method one manual , and second is you can link with your social accounts of Facebook, Google plus and LinkedIn.
  • Next you have to fulfill all need to create account here to submit your application here.

Application Process:

After applying online your application will be added to their draft box to review. HR department will take some time to review all application to choose the right candidates for the job. Normally they make calls after two or three weeks.

Important Interview Questions:

  1. Why did you choose accounting as career?
  2. Any time you want to describe when you attitude affected on your customer
  3. What you mean by management?
  4. What major changes you want to bring in your area?
  5. Are you satisfied with what you did in your past projects?
  6. Any clash with your last boss on any project?
  7. What important to lead a group?
  8. Two qualities that customer represent should have?
  9. Do you want to work for full time in future? ( for part time job)
  10. How would you manage your studies and your job together?

Salary Review:

What sears is offering you a salary? Is a big question on your mind after giving interview? You can check here average annual salary scales for the top post to make estimation for other job. Sears is giving good salary scale than other retailer companies.

Job TitleAnnual Salaries
Home Solutions Advisor$45,000
Retail Sales Associate$24,175 
Customer Service Representative$25,000
Sales Lead$54,000
Appointment Setter$28,000
Loss Prevention Manager$38,000
Material Handler$27,000
Sales Representative$25,222

Employee Benefits:

Every worker need some pampering and benefits in reward of his/her efforts. Sears is providing its best services to give best rewards to the employee to make them happy and satisfied. Here you can check all benefits and incentives that company is offering to its every employee for working here.

  • Insurance,
  • Health & Wellness
  • Retirement Plan
  • Supplemental Workers’ Compensation
  • Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • Unpaid Extended Leave
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Diversity Program