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Domino’s is a U.S. based company which presents its customers variety and different flavors of pizzas in its outlets. This restaurant has its outlets located all over the world and offers free of cost delivery service for its customers. The restaurant started presenting its services in the year 1960 and has been able to maintain its status of reliability and quality. The company has more than 220,000 employees as recorded in the statistics of the year 2013. The company operates on the slogan “Oh yes we did” which points to its confidence in the presentation of its well cooked and delicious fast food items.

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Interviewing Process At This Company

The applicants who go through the interviewing procedure at this company are asked a few questions related to the non technical aspects of this company. Some of the questions that are expected to be asked during the interviewing process are mentioned as under:

  1. What is the reason due to which you want to work at this company?
  2. If there are no other employees during the shift, will you be available for working during your off timings?
  3. How would you handle the customers coming in the restaurant outlet? Can you give us a demo?
  4. If a customer asks to use a phone for making call, what would be your response?
  5. If you are asked to drive for making deliveries, can you show us your driving records and license?
  6. Is your vehicle covered with insurance plans and is it reliable for transporting the food items?
  7. What are the unique qualities that would make you a good manager?
  8. Describe your leadership skills that make you the best person to lead a team of employees working at this firm?

Tips For Having Higher Chances Of Selection:

In addition to preparation for different questions that are asked during the hiring procedure, the applicants must also follow the tips that are mentioned below to perform well in the interview:

  1. Being well dressed and having a professional look.
  2. Grooming in a neat manner and dealing with everyone in a professional and respectful way.
  3. Follow up after the job interview for the availability of this job.

Job Interview Of An Experienced Professional:

In order to present experience as an employee working at this firm, one of the employees was interviewed regarding his experience. He was asked the following questions:

  1. What are your duties and what is your daily schedule?

Answer: I work as a line server and assemble pizzas, insert them in over for baking, cut the pizzas, box them etc.

  1. How would you describe the working conditions at this company?

Answer: it depends on the working season. Sometimes, the environment gets really slow and we get free time. The environment gets fast paced during football games, world cups and other events.

  1. Why do you like working at this firm?

Answer: My favorite part was spending time with my manager because I like his company. He is a well mannered and polite boss and I liked working for him.