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T.J. Maxx is long department store chain in America. It is operating more than one thousand stores at different locations. It is providing major clothing services at its stores at affordable rates. This company also owns home goods, home sense at its stores. Company is operating its stores from Canada, Marshalls, Australia, Poland, Germany, UK and Ireland. Thousands of employees are working at its stores but as company is growing so fast that’s why it is looking for new people in the company. You can apply here for job to avail great opportunities.

Why To Join TJ Maxx?

With its more than 3,300 stores at different countries and locations company is looking for new people to hire. Already company has about 198,000 employees working at its stores and corporates. TJ Maxx has mission to drive best services for price and quality products. You can search here for your perfect job to start life at this company. You can get more good benefits and other advantages by working here. With your effort and hard work company will provide you more chances to get better position in the company and to achieve good rewards.

Explore Career Areas:

If you are looking to apply here for job then you can check here career areas.

  • Store jobs
  • Corporate jobs
  • Store Management
  • Marketing
  • Packaging
  • Distributions
  • Information Technology.

How To Apply Online?

  • Access this link and access the page where you can get employment details on the page.
  • After that see the main menu where you can click on the button “Career” and see the drop down menu.
  • Where you can see different options to search for the job as if you click on the option “Merchandising career”
  • On the next see the button “Apply Now“ to check opportunities.
  • Read the details for the job and click on the button “Apply”.
  • Next login to your account by entering your email address and password.
  • After that submit your application to complete this process.

Application Process:

If you want to get this job you have to submit application successfully. After that wait for the company’s email or call to invite you for interview.

  1. What do know about Allocation Analyst?
  2. When you worked under pressure?
  3. Tell about your job experiences.
  4. How is important for you to get job here?
  5. Have you ever taken risk in your career?
  6. Have you ever analyzed data?
  7. Have you ever made mistake in calculation?
  8. What are your future plans?
  9. Can you work at night?
  10. Where do you want to see yourself in next five years?

Salary Review:

Here can check this table to get annual salary report of different job categories.

Job listAnnual Salary Report
Retail Sales Associate$17,900 
Customer Service Representative$20,000
Merchandising Associate$20,000
Backroom Associate$19,900
Loss Prevention Manager$36,500 
Store Manager$65,000
Merchandise Coordinator$20,000
Retail Assistant Manager$20,000
Assistant Store Manager$54,000 
Warehouse Worker$20,000
Operations Manager$58,000 
Front End Manager$22,000
Stocking Associate$15,000
Customer Service Manager$22,000

Employee Benefits:

By working here TJ Maxx employees will get employee benefits. Company is providing medical and financial benefits with good salaries.