About Company

Toys R Us is better known for its strong E-commerce position through its website toysrus.com from where it sells a broad assortment of toys and baby products. The company furthermore owns Toys.com, which offers similar products.

How To Apply

Toys R Us offers two Mina job types: Corporate Careers and Store & Distribution Center Careers

To start the job application, you need to visit the URL www.toysrusinc.com/careers/

  • Browse the alphabetically arranged job list and click choice or use search form to refine results
  • Click a job, review description, click apply online if final choice or Add to my job cart to continue looking
  • For either choice, the next step is to login or create new user account by clicking Create an account to complete


Toys“R”Us, Inc. makes it a governing philosophy to provide befitting benefits to its employees both on job and off work. It considers the company a company where the needs of each person must be uniquely addressed to help them realize the goals of the company. In this direction, the company provides its staff with legal, family, welfare, financial and medical assistance when the need arises so that staff can be able to manage their crisis and return to work as happy as always.