About Company

The Walgreens string of links started in 1901, with a pharmaceutical look on the corner of Bowen Ave and cabin Grove, Chicago, Illinois, joined States belongs to by Galesburg native Charles R. Walgreen, Sr. By 1913, and there have been 5 Walgreen chemists. He supplemented many enhancements to the outlets like soda fountains and luncheon services. He furthermore began to create his own line of drug merchandise and was then adept to regulate the standard of the items and sell them  over at lower charges.

How To Apply?

Obtain an overview of the employment procedure and opportunities at: careers.walgreens.com/

You can also make a job search at:


To find a job,

to Login to search

  • If new, select preferred department from the drop down and view results by state
  • Click choice
  • On resulting page, review job description
  • Users submitting new CV’s should click new resume/CV
  • On resulting page choose upload or paste or browse to upload as relevant
  • Click continue to go to the next section
  • if you chose existing CV, then Login to check the records and continue.


Working with Walgreens places you in a prestigious work environment where you achieve the noble objective of serving needy people and at the same time earning handsome salaries. The company deems its staff as its main assets and does all it can to ensure their welfare. The journey to all of these benefits begins with  simple online application