Walmart is a chain of supermarkets which offers its customers a number of products all over the world. This company presents a number of job opportunities at its careers portal where this company presents cashier job openings as well. You can apply for this job using two methods which are:

  1. Submission of online application (this procedure normally takes one day for the reception of application by the recruitment team.)
  2. Submission of application by posting the application form to the nearest Walmart branch

According to the survey carried out among the cashiers hired in this company, interviewing and assessment procedure is typically simple and there are great chances of getting hired except in cases if candidates are unable to pass the medical exams.

Expected Questions:

Some of the questions that you are expected to answer during the interviewing procedure are given as follows:

  1. Do you have any past experience of a customer who was angry with your performance?
  2. How did you handle this situation and what was the level of your aggression during that situation?
  3. What is the possibility of you staying late for working at the Walmart outlets and would you be available for work if called in an emergency?
  4. Would you be available during day time/ night time?
  5. How would you comment on your abilities to work in coordination with a team?

You can answer all the questions based on your experience as well as your availability during the job.

Interviewing Procedure:

Normally there is a series of three interviews in which the applicants are asked different questions. The first two interviews are taken in order to ask technical aspects related to job whereas third interview is carried out just to complete the entrance procedure.

Assessment Of The Applicants:

The testing procedure consists of a written test. You can go through a test using which you can evaluate your skills as a cashier. This test is usually taken in case if applicants do not have any past experience as a cashier and are applying for the first time for this job.

Salary Details:

Candidates are normally offered in the pay scale of 8 to 10 U.S dollars per unit working hour and can make extra dollars by working for a few extra hours in addition to their daily compulsory working hours. Note that the candidates cannot negotiate on this salary since this pay scale is constant for most of the candidates.

Locations on which this job is currently offered:

As observed at 10:45 PM PST, 2/3/2015, Walmart is offering the job vacancies for cashiers at the following locations:

  1. Hendersonville, NC
  2. Geneseo, NY
  3. Aramark – Plano, TX
  4. Beaver Dam, WI
  5. Pagosa Springs, CO
  6. Lewis center, OH
  7. Springville, NY and many more.

In addition to the official website where this company presents its careers portal, you can also find jobs at Supereva where a number of companies present their job openings in addition to Walmart.