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At Wells Fargo each worker is valued for his or her skills and expertise and providing opportunity to fulfill personal goals with a great contribution for success of company. This is the reason for which Wells Fargo provides all eligible part time and permanent team members with set of benefits to help them to make their bright financial future. If you are looking for a job at Wells Fargo then you can access its career portal because this is the only place where you can find all available positions and also you can apply for your desired job through its online application system.

In order to get a job, you are supposed to drop your resume on your career profile of website or find a store which is nearest to your place and fill application form against selected job. Generally within two to three weeks you will get an interview call from company. You can check your status of application by calling company or checking it online. To hire best employees, wells Fargo has made a process of interview with two session of selection.

Build your Career with Wells Fargo

To explore your career with company you have to first all available departments and available positions. Select your desired department and post and apply for it. Some available jobs are given below.

  1. Customer Service Representative
  2. Inbound Sales Representative
  3. Personal Banker
  4. Sales Consultant
  5. Phone Banker
  6. Mortgage Consultant
  7. Operations Clerk
  8. Document Specialist

How to apply for Job at Wells Fargo?


You must have following things in hand

  1. You need to have a computer or laptop
  2. You must have reliable internet connection
  3. Keep your Resume handy

Step by Step Instructions:

You are supposed to follow stated below steps of execution to apply for desired job

  1. First of all you have to open your internet browser and type URL of website in address bar to access career portal of wells Fargo
  2. Link of website is given as
  3. You have to click on link of “Search Jobs” located on right side of web page. This click will bring another web page where you will find a button of “Search jobs now” hit a click on it.
  4. Now you have to input keyword of your job in marked field along with job opening ID.
  5. Click on button of “Search” to find list of available position and click on button of “Save search/job agent” to keep record of particular list.
  6. By clicking on button of “Search” you will get a list of available position. You are supposed to select your dream job and click on button of “Apply” after reading job description.
  7. Sign in to your account to submit your job application.

Interview Questions

Questions in interview are mostly related to your education and previous experience. Following are few important question which can be noted and practiced for Wells Fargo interview.

  1. Name all the professional achievements you have got so far? What did you learn from it?
  2. Tell us about personal sales goals?
  3. Tell us about the time when you have went beyond and above limits for customers.
  4. Name the time when you have dealt with an irritate customer?
  5. Describe the recent issues of economy and how it is affecting all industries?
  6. Explain three financial statements and how they connect with each other?
  7. Describe an event where you have resolved an issue for client and what did you learn from approach?
  8. What do you think what makes you qualified for this post?
  9. How many computer programs can you handle at a time?
  10. Tell me about time when you had an annoying customer and how did you handle the situation?
  11. What is the difference between DCF and LBO?
  12. What would you do if you had an issue with your team member?
  13. Tell us about yourself?
  14. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
  15. Will you accept a data entry job if we are willing to hire you right now?
  16. Will you sign a two year bond?
  17. Don’t you think you are over qualified for this job?
  18. Are you comfortable with night shifts?
  19. What are your strengths and weakness?
  20. What do you know about NPV?
  21. What is Depreciation?
  22. What is quick and current ratio?
  23. What is EBIT?
  24. Would you like to ask anything from us?

Wells Fargo Salaries

The average annually salary for the post of data entry clerk starts from $15000 and for post of Business to business sales it starts from $450000. For more salaries you are required to follow given table of annual salaries.

Job TitlesAnnual Salaries
Phone Banker$27,910
Customer Service Representative$30,224
Inbound Sales Representative$34,770
Personal Banker$36,189
Sales Consultant$80,714 
Phone Banker II$28,000
Mortgage Consultant$42,279 
Document Specialist$39,692
Operations Clerk II$27,000 
Loan Servicing Specialist$35,002
Operations Clerk$26,722
Mortgage Processor$37,910 
Customer Service/Sales Representative$32,000
Loan Processor$40,000


Company is providing various benefits to permanent employee besides salary. List of benefits are given below

  1. Company is providing various Health plans with comprehensive and competitive medical and dental allowances.
  2. Flexibility of paid off time is provided to employees.
  3. Wells Fargo is providing 401k plan to provide financial success.
  4. Scholarships are provided to dependent children with tuition reimbursement program.                                                                                                                   

Instructions for the Interview

  • Keep a smile on your face and be active while giving interview. This will impress interviewer as he would be looking for an energetic person who can deal with customers with kind behavior
  • Do business causal dressing to present yourself in a way which would be appreciated b interviewer.
  • Prepare all important and common questions of interview which will help to show your confidence.
  • Be punctual otherwise you will give a reckless impression to interviewer.