Wendy’s is a chain of fast food restaurants which hires a number of cooks for preparing the food items for its customers. Some of the responsibilities of a cook are given in points mentioned below:

  1. Smooth operation within the kitchen and using different cooking equipments such as grill in order to make different food items.
  2. Cleaning the kitchen as well as grill and other equipment within the kitchen.
  3. Washing and cooking the utensils used for cooking.
  4. Going through all the safety measures in order to ensure the safety of all crew members while performing different tasks
  5. Reading the guide lines related to health provided by Wendy’s guide book
  6. Unloading the food items from trucks and stocking these items in refrigerators
  7. Sometimes, the cooks are needed to handle the cash payments which are handed over to them in the absence of cashiers and add the record to the cash registers.
  8. Dealing with customers in the drive thru outlets and offering them the provided food items

Details Of The Salary Packages:

Cooks generally earn $11.00 for one hour. The starting pay for a Wendy’s cook is $8.50 whereas the pay increases with the passage of time. The cooks earn about $22000 per unit year. In addition to this pay, Wendy’s employees get a number of benefits such as:

  1. Getting off timings during job and paid for the off hours
  2. Life insurance which covers basic accidents and incidents of life
  3. Health care facilities and medical care facilities
  4. Getting the retirement plans for taking benefits even after ending the period of job

Interview Of A Wendy’s Cook:

In order to share the experiences of a cook at Wendy’s, one of the cook working at Wendy’s outlet was asked a few questions related to his job. These questions are given below along with his answers:

  1. How would you define the working setup and the coordination of team members?

Answer: everyone here is friendly and helping. All the team members try to help each other out by answering each other’s questions. They make you comfortable enough to work in this environment.

  1. Discuss a common day as a cook?

Answer: Cooking, washing dishes, sweeping the floor and making the environment clean and sanitized enough to present the customers with clean food. The working hours may exceed in case if there are a lot of customers.

  1. How would you describe the procedure of submission of an application and the interviewing process?

Answer: Application can be submitted online or handed over to the recruiting team directly by paying a visit to the Wendy’s outlet. The interview consists of simple questions such as personal details professional details, legal record etc. They also ask whether you are a student and are currently studying in school, college or any other educational institute.

  1. What would you suggest for other people who apply for the job of a cook at Wendy’s?

Answer: Try to answer all the questions confidently and calmly. Don’t be nervous or quick in answering any of the questions because the managers also observe communication skills of the candidates.