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  • Company Overview
  • Finances, Leadership, and History
  • Ways of Applying
  • Directions for Applying over the Internet
  • Who BP Hires

Company Overview

British Petroleum, also known as simply BP, is a multinational oil company based in the United Kingdom. Its headquarters is in London and it is the fifth largest company in the world in terms of revenue. Measured by production, it is the sixth largest oil and gas corporation on earth. Operations cover various aspects of the oil industry, including exploration and production, renewable energies, refining, petrochemicals, distribution, trading, power generation, and marketing. Its reach extends to more than eighty countries and production churns out over three million barrels every day. There are just under 21,000 service stations total in all countries with operations. It has the largest presence in the United States, where it is the second largest company of its kind.


Carl-HenricSvanberg is the current chairman, Bob Dudley is the current CEO, and Brian Glivery is the current CFO, or chief financial officer.

Business Overview:

In 1909 a subsidiary of the Burmah Oil Company was created to pursue reserves discovered in the Middle East. A portion of shares went public and a chairman for the subsidiary was elected, whose name was Lord Strathcona. In 1916 the subsidiary, known as APOC, established the British Petroleum Company as a marketing arm in Britain. Over time APOC became known as AIOC (Anglo-Iranian Oil Company) and then in the 1950s became known as the British Petroleum Company. BP helped found a holding company to bring oil in the Middle East into international markets. Over the next several decades the company expanded operations into new markets and nationalized assets in several companies. The 21st century brought a merger with an Indian oil company, rebranding, and divestment programs, among other ventures.

Some Facts About Company:

ServicesOil & Gas Company
Total LocationsMore Than 80 Countries
Established In1909
Main OfficeLondon, UK , England,
FounderCarl-Henric Svanberg
Total Revenue$388.285 billion

Ways of Applying


If you have considered applying you should go to main site URL mentioned below. The website gives you a comprehensive list of available positions and also allows you to research the company and learn about job culture and benefits, among other things.

In Person

You can always walk into a local BP station to apply for a position working at the station. This method may not be ideal because you can only inquire about local jobs at that station or surrounding ones, and cannot learn about positions in other sectors, such as the corporate world. It may also be difficult for you to find the information you need unless a manager is on duty. Otherwise you may be asked to come back at another time. If you do happen to run into the manager, be prepared to answer a series of questions or fill out a paper application.

Directions for Applying over the Internet

  • First of all move up to the page and see the button “Apply Online”.
  • You then have the option of identifying yourself as either a student or graduate or experienced hire. If you click on the former, you will first need to select your individual location (listed by country). Then select your current school or conference attendee status. Then select your area of study, such as business and trading, engineering, or science.
  • On the next page you can see search results, which will be listed according to the conference or educational institution as well as by area of study. Click on any links that look appealing and then review information such as typical degree majors, qualifications, potential locations, and general information.
  • If you want to apply, click on the button and log in. If you do not yet have a log in, make the selection to create one. Then follow the remaining instructions on the site to submit your credentials.
  • On the other hand, you may have chosen that you are an experienced hire. In that case, click the link to search and apply, and then search openings. Note you can also submit your resume or CV to the company in general without linking it to a specific desired position. Type in a keyword or job number if you have it and select a job category, sub category, country, location, the language of the job posting, and the date it was posted.
  • All your results will appear on the next page. Click on any positions that seem attractive and then review all the details of the position, such as responsibilities and qualifications, carefully. If you would like to continue, click the button and then log in. If you need to create one, make the appropriate selection and then follow the instructions to create an account and submit your resume or CV.

Who BP Hires ?

BP looks to hire people who are dedicated, hardworking, and knowledgeable in their field. Applicants should meet at least the minimum qualifications and feel comfortable that they can fulfill all responsibilities and duties. Applicants should also have a degree in a field related to the department to which they are applying.

Diversity And Inclusion

BP is an equal opportunity employer and thus does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, culture, or identity. As a company that understands the importance of diversity it strives to hire people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

Age Restrictions

For nearly all positions, applicants must be eighteen or older to apply. Most positions have additional qualifications that require people to have more experience and be even older – exceptions include internships that hire candidates who are still in school. If you wish to work for BP and are a minor, consider trying to work at a local filling station to get experience with the corporation.

Job Seekers Overview:

Employees 85,700
Current Opportunities Non declared
Awards For EmployeeYes
Enhancement On Application N/A
Get Response (Avg Time)One Week
Official Site

Finances, Leadership, and History

The company can be found publically traded on the London Stock Exchange. It also has listings on the Frankfurt and New York Stock Exchanges. For the fiscal year ending in 2012 the corporation brought in over $388 billion in revenue, $19.7 billion in operating income, and $11.8 billion in net profits.