• Information about the Company
  • The Application Process
  • Who They’re Hiring
  • Business History and Performance

Company Profile:

There are over 10,000 Dollar General Locations that together employ over 90,000 people. The headquarters is in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. As of 2012 there were locations in 40 different U.S. states. Many of the stores are located in areas where larger general merchandise retailers such as Walmart or Target would not go. This opens up the stores to more business from locals in the community looking for discount products.

Overview :

Although not everything in the store is still under one dollar, all products are still priced inexpensively to offer the best possible value. Merchandise includes apparel for men, women, and children; health and beauty supplies; candy and holiday décor; household items; toys; food, accessories, and toys for pets; office and school supplies; cleaning supplies; and food.

Finger Tip Facts About Company:

Services Retailer Company
Total Locations 10k plus
Established In 1939
Main Office Goodlettsville, TN
Founder Richard W. Dreiling
Total Revenue $14.8 billion

Yours Application Options:

Applying Through The Internet:

One of your options is to submit an application online. All you need for this is access to a computer and an internet connection. If you have all your information, such as employment and education history, together before hand, it is a very quick process. You can go to and then click on the careers link,

Submitting A Paper Application:

Your other option is to apply in person. You can locate stores in your area using the online store finder tool. You can go to as many locations as you like to fill out an application. You may be asked to stay and speak with a manager right then, or someone may ask you to wait until a manager calls you. You can then speak to him or her about scheduling an interview.

The Process Of Applying:

  • Go To link “Apply Online” at this page , move to the top and see the right corner to make this page active
  • There will be many options on the next page to learn about various aspects of the work culture at Dollar General. This includes learning about options for people in the military, getting educated on their diversity statement, and understanding information about different career options.
  • You will notice that you can go through express hiring if your employment is conditional. Note that you will need permission from a hiring manager before you will be able to continue with this application method.
  • For all other positions, click on the category below that best represents the type of job you would like to have. Your options are store careers, distribution center careers, or corporate careers.
  • Store Careers – includes sales associate, store manager, district manager, or regional director.
  • For store careers, select the specific position you want. You can read about job descriptions of every type of job and pick the one that best fits your skills and interests. Click on the apply button to submit an application.

Distribution Center Careers – includes hourly and salaried positions.

Read over the descriptions and decide if you want a lower level, hourly job or a higher position with more responsibility that is paid by annual salary. There are nine distribution centers that are responsible for receiving, warehousing, and shipping products and getting them on the appropriate shelves. Click on the apply button to submit your information.

Corporate Careers – includes positions in areas such as accounting and finance, store operations, and information technology. Employees work at the support center in Tennessee and enjoy an innovative office environment. Click on apply to continue.

Once you make your selection for job type you will be taken to a page where you can either search openings or directly submit your resume. If you choose to search you will be asked to enter criteria such as keyword, job category, location information, and posting date. When your search results appear you can click on any to view job descriptions. Read over the requirements, qualifications, duties, and responsibilities to make sure you want to apply.

Once you are ready to apply you will have to either create a username and password or log in. Once you have done so you will be able to enter in all your information and submit your credentials for review.

Background Check:

You may be required to submit to a background check. Doing so allows the company to screen employees to ascertain whether you will be a good fit with the company’s employment policies.

Getting Updates:

If you submitted an application in person you can call the local store manager and ask if they have any updates. They may be able to tell you if you are going to get a call for an interview or if the appropriate people have read your application. If you apply online you may be able to check your newly created online profile for updates on the status of your resume.

Who Does Dollar General Want To Hire?

Types Of People:

Dollar General values diversity and strives to employ people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. They foster an inclusive relationship and work to build relationships with employees, customers, and shareholders every day.

Age Requirements:

Each position comes with a specific set of requirements, some of which may include mandates on age. For certain jobs you will need to be at least 18 or have a college degree, which would put you at least in your early twenties. For lower level positions, such as store associate, the company will hire minors. If you plan to apply as a minor make sure you can give the manager legal proof of your ability to work in your state.

Job seekers Overview:

Employees More than 90,000
Current Opportunities 25280 different posts
Apply Now
Awards For Employee Not Yet
Enhancement On Application Yes
Get Response (Avg Time) 7 Days
Official Site:

Summary Of Dollar General Business:

Company History:

The first store was opened in 1939 by J. L. Turner and his son Cal Turner. The company was first called J. L. Turner & Son, Inc. and did not get its current name until 1968. In 2007 a private equity firm called Kohlberg Kravis Roberts acquired the chain of stores and took it public. The first store in line with the current philosophy of bargain shopping was opened in 1955 with the idea that nothing in the store would cost more than one dollar.

Leadership And Financial Statistics:

Dollar General is led by Richard W. Dreiling, who is the CEO, and David M. Tehle, the current CFO. Its revenue was $14.8 billion in 2011. In the same year the operating income was $1.5 billion, the net income was $766.6 million, total assets were $9.6 billion, and total equity was $4.6 billion. The company is publically traded on the NYSE under the abbreviation DG.