• Facts, Figures, and Overview
  • How Do You Apply?
  • Instructions on Applying Online
  • Who Does Gap Want?
  • History of the Corporation
  • Key Figures and Financial Statistics

Facts, Figures, And Overview:

This company is an American based multinational retailer that provides customers with a range of clothing and accessories items. Merchandise is targeted toward men, women, children, and babies, and products may include shirts, sweaters, jackets, jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, shoes, hats, scarves, gloves, jewelry, sunglasses, underwear, and bags. The headquarters is in San Francisco, California and is also responsible for a few other clothing retailers as well: Banana Republic, Athleta, Piperlime, and Old Navy. It is the largest retailer of its kind in the United States, employing over one hundred and thirty thousand people. These employees work at the headquarters as well as at one of the 3,200 store locations worldwide. Most of these locations are coast to coast in the United States but stores also exist in the Philippines, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Australia, to name a few.

Company Facts & Figures:

Services Apparel and Retailer Store
Total Locations More Than 30k
Established In 1969
Main Office San Francisco, CA
Founder Glenn Murphy
Total Revenue $15.7 billion

 How Do You Apply?

Over The Internet:

One of the ways to get started on your job application is to visit. The link to the career site is at the very bottom of the page in small print – it is easy to miss so look closely! From here you will be able to search jobs and find the specific position that is right for you. It is quick and easy to apply, provided that you have all your information on hand and are prepared.

Visiting a Retail Location

You need a computer and an internet connection in order to apply online. If you do not have both of these things you will need to visit a store in person to apply. A retail associate or store manager can give you a paper application to fill out. You can take it home with you and bring it back when you are done, or you can fill it out on the spot. A manager may ask you to interview immediately or may call you at a later date to set up a time to speak with you in person. Again, if you are prepared and have your employment history and references’ contact numbers on hand, filling out the application will be quick and easy.

Instructions On Applying Online:

  • Click on “Apply Online” button present at the top right side of the page.
  • This site takes you to the corporate site for Gap, Inc., so you will be able to see availability at other brands as well, such as Banana Republic or Old Navy. Each brand has a distinctive style, so if you plan on working in a store make sure you choose the brand that best suits your interest and fashion preferences.
  • On the home page of the career site you can view information about job areas, social responsibility, help for college applicants, and work culture. Read over as much of this information as you think is helpful. To search, select a region, job type, and location. Job types include store sales, store leadership, distribution center positions, and jobs at corporate headquarters.
  • After you have conducted your search you will see the results appear in a pop up window. Select any job titles that look appealing to you and read over the job description, requirements, qualifications, and responsibilities. You can apply online by entering in your username and password. If you do not have this information you will need to register and create an account. Once you have created a career profile you can submit your credentials for consideration.

Background Check :

By submitting your application you are giving the corporation permission to run a background check on you. If there are any red flags on your background check you may not be offered a position. If you are concerned, you may wish to speak with a manager upfront and offer an explanation.

Who Does Gap Want?

Types Of People:

Gap, Inc. is always looking for passionate, motivated individuals who have an interest in sales, customer service, and fashion. As an equal opportunity employer, the corporation does not discriminate in respect to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religious identity.

Types Of Jobs :

Headquarters – you could work at the global headquarters in San Francisco, the corporate shared services center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or at the North America support center in Toronto, Canada. These jobs offer functions and services that support all of the five store brands.

Distribution Center – these jobs are the links between the factories and the retail stores. There are centers in Fresno, California; Fishkill, New York; Hebron, Kentucky; Gallatin, Tennessee; Groveport, Ohio; and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Each center offers unique opportunities and a variety of employment types.

Store Leadership – employees manage sales, operations, personnel, and merchandising. They are responsible for overseeing store sales and stock employees, getting people motivated, training new recruits, and keeping employees on task.

Store Sales/Stock – these are people who are dedicated to providing superior customer service. Duties may include stocking shelves, assisting customers, organizing displays, and using the cash register.

Age Requirements:

Requirements vary from position to position but may include restrictions in regards to age. Certain jobs, particularly those at the corporate headquarters, may require that you be over the age of eighteen and/or have a college degree. Lower level positions however, such as store sales associates, can be under the age of eighteen. Minors should take the necessary steps to obtain proof of their ability to work in their state or region before submitting an application.

Job Seeker Overview:

Employees 132,000
Current Opportunities 16528
Apply Now
Awards For Employee Not Yet
Enhancement On Application Yes
Get Response (Avg Time) 7 Days
Official Site

History Of The Corporation:

The founders of Gap, Inc. are Donald and Doris Fisher. They opened the first location in 1969 in San Francisco, California. The company was very successful in their first year and had expanded operations to the east coast by 1973.

Key Figures And Financial Statistics:

Glenn Key Murphy is the current CEO and chairman. For the fiscal year of 2012 the company reached revenues of $15.7 billion.