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  • Information about the Company
  • History of the Corporation
  • Methods of Application – Which One Should You, Choose?
  • Directions for Applying Using the Website
  • Financial & Leadership Status

Information About The Company :

Safeway is a supermarket chain based in the United States, and is the second largest chain of its kind in the country. It sells all the typical foods one would find in a supermarket, such as fruits and vegetables, meats and cheeses, grains and pasta, canned goods, ethnic food, condiments, frozen goods, and beer and wine. There are nearly 1,700 locations across the country as well as in parts of Canada and Mexico. Its headquarters is in California and it is one of the overall largest retailers in the country. Some locations offer additional services, such as lottery tickets, money orders, dry cleaning, and credit unions. Nearly 180,000 people work for the company in some capacity, from store locations to distribution centers to corporate offices.

History Of The Corporation :

Sam Seelig founded the company in 1912 when he opened a small grocery store in Los Angeles. He did so well that the concept had expanded to more than seventy locations by the 1920s. He became indebted to one of its grocery wholesalers, and this company eventually took over operations. Seelig did, however, remain on staff to oversee retail operations. Seelig shortly left the company, after which the corporation renamed itself Safeway. The name came from the idea that the store did not offer credit, and thus was safe because customers could not fall into debt with their grocer. There were over 300 locations by the end of the 1920s, and the company changed hands again when it was obtained by Merill Lynch. Since then the company has continued to expand, acquire other brands, and move into new markets.

Some Facts About Company:

ServicesGrocery  & Retailer Store
Total LocationsMore Than 1678
Established In1915
Main OfficePleasanton, CA
FounderSteven Burd
Total Revenue$43 billion

Methods Of Application – Which One Should You Choose?

Going Onto The Website:

One of the ways you can apply is by going to main site mentioned at this site below. Many would argue this is the easiest way to apply, as you can easily apply for multiple positions, research different job types, and learn more about the company. You can also save your information and log in again later to check on your application or change your information.

Walking Into A Store:

The other way to apply is by going into a store directly. This is not as convenient because you will need to visit each store individually in order to apply for positions at multiple locations. You will have to ask to speak with a manager, who may be able to give you a paper application to fill out. Make sure you know all your employment history details, have contact numbers for former employers, know your education details, have personal and professional references picked out, and know your social security number. Having this information on hand will make filling out the application and talking to the manager easier.

Most people would probably only choose to apply in person if they do not have a computer or access to the internet or would like to speak with the manager about something in particular. He or she may ask to interview you on the spot, so be prepared! More than likely, however, he or she will tell you they will call at a later date to schedule an interview.

Directions For Applying Using The Website :

  • Click on the button “Apply Online” button at the top edge of the page.
  • Start your search by selecting a particular job category from the dropdown menu. Job categories include retail, pharmacy, home delivery, distribution, manufacturing, military, transportation, corporate, and college programs. Some of these categories only have one job type (such as home delivery), while others have many (such as pharmacy).
  • Once you have made your selection you will be taken to a page that gives you some general information and then asks you to select an age. Then on the next page select your state and click find, or type in your zip code and select the maximum distance you are willing to travel for work. The larger you make the distance the more jobs will appear in your search.
  • On the next page, select a location where you would like to work. Note that you can see how many positions are available at each store. You may prefer to select a location with more vacancies, as this will give you more choices and may increase your chances of being hired.
  • Read over all the options on the next page. There will be a long list of jobs, so make note of the ones that have an opening. On the next page you will have to create an account by typing in your email address, creating a password, confirming your password, answering a question about how you heard about Safeway, and then specifying your answer. If you already have an account, you can simply skip this step and log in.
  • Once you have created your account and established a profile you will be able to fill out your information and submit an application.

Age Restrictions:

The minimum age you can be to work in a position depends on specific job you are applying for. Certain positions may hire as young as fourteen, while other jobs require you to be twenty one or older. The age you need to be to work was established by the company according to the skill, experience, education, and maturity you need to have for the position. If you plan to apply as a minor, double check your state’s laws regarding labor for minors. Even though Safeway may hire you at fourteen, if your state does not allow you to work until sixteen, the state legislation presides over the corporation’s rules.

Job Seeker Overview:

Employees 178,000
Current Opportunities 6273 different posts
Awards For EmployeeNot Yet
Enhancement On Application Yes
Get Response (Avg Time)One Week

Business Practices – Leadership And Financials :

Robert Edwards is the current CEO and president, although the company was founded by a man named Sam Seelig. In 2011 the company earned over $43 billion in revenue. It also earned over $1 billion in operating income, $516 million in net income, held $15 billion in total assets, and had over $3 billion in total equity.