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About Taco Bell:

This company is an American-owned fast food restaurant chain that specializes in the sale of Tex-Mex food. Food items include tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and nachos. The chain serves more than 2 billion people annually at a total of over 6,000 locations. The headquarters is in Irvine, California and total the restaurant chain employs over 175,000 people. The current CEO and president is a man named Greg Creed.

There are some concepts that are related to Taco Bell, such as a reduced size restaurant with a limited menu known as an express location. Some locations are also co-branded with other fast food concepts, including those in the Yum! Line, and there are now restaurants that offer a hybrid of Tex-Mex and Pizza Hut, KFC, and Long John Silver’s.

Facts About Company:

Services Restaurant and Fast Food
Total Locations 6,500
Established In 1962
Main Office Downey, CA
Founder Greg Creed
Total Revenue $1.9 billion

Methods Of Applying For A Job:

Online Applications:

One of the ways to apply is to go online to the website of the company and clicking on the Careers link at the bottom of the page, You will be able to search for positions that interest you and find something that is a good fit.

Applying In Person:

If you want to work in a local fast food restaurant by being a cook or working at the counter, you can visit a store and apply in person. You will be asked to fill out a paper application and then your information will be handed over to a manager. You may be asked to wait and speak with a manager the first time you walk in. On the other hand, they may ask you to wait until the manager calls you, in which case you can work with him or her to schedule an interview. If you need to know where locations within travelling distance of you are, you can use the online store finder resource. If you want to apply to more than one location you can make copies of the application to hand out at multiple stores.

Instructions On How To Apply?

  • Go to “Apply Online” button , scroll to top and see the right hand side of the page to navigate
  • Then click on the “Search Openings” link. You can also click on any of the pictures on the right hand side of the screen to learn more about work culture and benefits.
  • Search by entering in criteria such as keywords, position type, city and state, and language of job posting (English or Spanish). Examples of position types include assistant manager, cashier, and food prep. You can also search by proximity to find store locations within travelling distance of you.
  • Look over the results and make note of any positions that interest you. Click on any of them to view more detailed information. You can also see the location information on the search listings page. Read the full job description to see information regarding requirements, qualifications, and the responsibilities and duties that you would have. If you are still interested you can apply to the job.
  • You have to have an account with the job website to continue. If you already have one just log in by typing your username and password into the fields. Otherwise, select the option to create a profile and set your username and password.
  • After establishing an account you can submit your job application with all your credentials for consideration.

Keeping Track Of Your Status:

You may be able to login to your account to check what is going on with your status. If you submitted a paper application in person you will not have an account, but you can call the local store manager and ask if there have been any updates.

Who Does Taco Bell Want To Hire?

The fast food chain is always looking for dedicated, motivated people to join the team. The company is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity and does not discriminate.

Key Restaurant Roles

Team Member – essential to making the restaurant run. They work with co-workers to prepare and deliver food to customers.

Shift Lead – combines leadership with the ability to work well with others. These employees make sure team members are well trained and are able to provide great customer service to guests.

Assistant Manager – matters most to the general manager. They make sure everything runs smoothly and helps to train others in daily operations.

Restaurant General Manager – responsible for the people, business, and overall operations. These people build and motivate their teams and create an attractive environment for customers.

Age Requirements:

Each position has a unique set of requirements which you can view online if you choose to apply using a computer. Some of these requirements may include age limitations. The company will hire minors under the age of eighteen for certain positions within restaurant locations. If you plan to apply as a minor make sure you can give the manager proof of your legal ability to work in your area.

Job Seekers Overview:

Employees 175,000
Current Opportunities 9161 different posts
Apply Now
Awards For Employee No
Enhancement On Application N/A
Get Response (Avg Time) Not Declared
Official Site:

Business History And Information:


Taco Bell was established in 1962 by the owner named as Glen Bell. The resturant was opened in Downey, California. Glen Bell had first opened a hot dog stand when he was in his early twenties and then six years later started operating stores with a Tex-Mex theme. Two years after the first Taco Bell opened the founder began franchising, and the concept was able to spread rapidly. In the 1970s PepsiCo purchased the brand and continued its expansion. Today there are locations with the United States as well as internationally, including restaurants in Australia, China, Canada, Mexico, Greece, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Financial Records:

The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2009 it earned revenues of $1.9 billion.

Business Leaders:

Taco Bell currently operates under ownership by PepsiCo as a part of the Yum! Brands. This brand also owns KFC, Pizza Hut, and WingStreet. The founder of the concept is Glen Bell and the current president and CEO is Greg Creed.